Saturday, January 21, 2012

Could it all be part of a bigger plan?

I find myself often reflecting on the state of the world. The good and the bad...other countries hardships, failed political systems...our many people are struggling today financially. So many have lost their jobs, lost their homes and it is hard to make sense of it all. After all...we are the United States of America right? Well it is not just happening here, its happening everywhere...and if you think you have it bad...take a look around this world...most of us don't even know how bad..bad can really be...but what I find so incredible is that so many more people are expressing themselves creatively. Young and good positive ways and in bad creatively inspiring ways and maybe I was just blind to the fact prior to now and am just noticing it more but its really refreshing and inspiring to me. I watch videos like this..and by no means want to take the credit for this miraculous find..A Beautiful Mess shared this on her blog and I am just amazed by it. I went to the website and there are so many more inspiring creative videos there... it seems to me and I could be wrong but people may lose faith in their political systems, in the economy never getting back to good but never in one another or in themselves and what happens in...they turn inward. When a creative spirit turns inward and shares it with the world there really is nothing like it and it's priceless. When there is no real monetary notoriety for a job well done you just do it because that is what your soul craves and must do...and then you have left a part of you behind when your ticket is pulled for the world to have...for the people who knew and loved you to have this most intimate piece of you. OK..enough babbling...I keep going and going because I always fear I am not expressing in great enough detail, or in the proper way what it is I am trying to convey.  Thanks Beautiful Mess for sharing this link I have shared it this morning with a half dozen others and had to watch it myself is beautiful and I love what this man says....listen to him closely if you check this video out because he has a thick accent. Hope you enjoy...and my final thought before signing off...maybe this is all a part of the bigger get us back to ourselves to make us dig deep within and share with one another and find some unity in like-mindedness, inspiring words, color that stimulates interest and creativity....haven't we been about "things" for far too long?
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