Hi there! My name is Debbie and  I am the proud mother of two girls Samantha and Kori. Nothing makes me more happy than the smiles and eyes of my children and their love.

Professionally, I have worn many hats.This is due to my vast array of interest. First and foremost I am an artist.  It is the one thing in my life that I would love to figure out how to do for a living but self admitting ...I've not yet found that avenue.  It is the core of who I am, and what I love most in this life aside from God and my loved ones.I hold a Bachelor Of Science degree in Graphic Design-- minor in Marketing. I also earned a Masters in Higher Education and worked for ten years in higher education as an instructor, and a supervisor of Learning Support Services helping college students meet their academic goals. I have also worked as a Technical Author where I worked on the Nissan / Infiniti Content Development team where we wrote owner's manuals, more recently...worked in IT for Volkswagen Group of America and currently work as a Dealer / Customer Remediation Analyst for Modis a contract company for Volkswagen Group of America.

In all of my spare time.. I am creating. I love many different mediums and my favorites include mixed-media art and photography. I create art journals, ATC’s, collage and I take part in many different areas of photography both as an enthusiast and as a professional. I merge art and photography to create mixed media digital art and have enjoyed and been honored by having the opportunity for shooting professional weddings, family portraits and senior pictures for friends and loved ones as well as some commercial work for places like Specs Howard School For Broadcast Arts and Baker College! I have much to learn and embrace the journey!

 I love to write; love to share and love to network with like-minded people.I value all living things, with high regard. I stop and embrace the small things in life cause at the end of the day they tend to be the only things that really mean a great deal..the things that withstand time, that you remember when you are old... I love coffee and it's smell when first opened or freshly brewed. I love new born babies, they put me at ease. I love the smell of rain and fresh cut grass; fresh laundry and cotton sheets; flowers because they’re beautiful and they remind me even when the world seems wicked that there is, in fact, a God.

I love birds and trees and somehow those things always find their way into my art. I love books and book stores, art supply stores and my sewing machine. I love hidden doors and the idea of a real secret garden. I believe in love. I love colors and self expression of any sort as long as it does not cause the world or anything in it harm. I am against child abuse, hate and violence. I am a giver, introspective yet social being who loves learning about other cultures and dreams to one day travel the world with my art journals and camera. My favorite color changes every day. I am a music lover and can’t live without music in my life. I love everything from TOOL to Beethoven. I love gum-ball machines with toys in them and odd toys and dolls. Vintage objects and antiques! I am in fact, a child within. I love laughter and nothing makes my day like early morning sunshine. I do believe I suffer from bouts of seasonal depression.

My shortcomings include but are certainly not limited to: A serious lack of patience, a bit of a led foot, passionately emotive and effected by my immediate surroundings. Wounded from childhood but healing never ends, and...a lover of chocolate. I can be opinionated, an over protective mother, and ever so slightly O.C.D. I hate books or magazines with bent or torn pages, unless I did that to them. I hate things out of order or unorganized and even the most organized aspects of my life feel completely un-organized. I make lists for lists. I hate being late for anything and when I am a victim of life circumstances that make me late or unable to keep a promise it bothers me.

If I could have any special super powers they would include flying, invisibility, and healing hands. I am a dreamer with a racing mind that sometimes hinders my ability to focus on solely one thing in order to reach the outcome I desire quick enough to please my lack of patience.
My life has been touched in one way or another by mental illness, child abuse, addiction, wealth, poverty, happiness and depression and I live with no regrets. Every experience has made me who I am and finally, at 45 years old I believe….
I am beautiful in my own way, intelligent and I am enough. I have little gifts that are meant to be shared with the world...and left behind as my small insignificant (to the world at large) legacy, one that was everything to me. Thank you...if you are here..for being a part of my soul searching and creative journey!


  1. This is a beautiful post about yourself. Thank you for sharing the not-so-happy things, as well as all of the good stuff. I see many, many similarities between us. Many. I'm so glad we've connected and I look forward to getting to know you through blogs, fb, and whatever else may come along!


  2. Glad to find you, your blog has been a happy and pleasant place to visit with lots of cool art! So happy to be a new follower! :)

    1. Thank you Scarlett! A. LOVE the name Scarlett...and B. Thanks for being here. I hardly ever visit this about me section so thank you for posting the kind words and so very sorry I did not respond until now...so so very sorry! It is wonderful to have ya here!

  3. What an unusual and moving share this is. It was so nice to see something other than the usual 'About Me' page... thank you :)
    ps. I don't think loving chocolate is a shortcoming ;P lol

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words Patricia. I hope the word unusual is a good thing lol Hence my name is peculiar ME lol Liking chocolate CAN be a shortcoming if you LIKE it toooo often! :D <3

  4. Love your new blog!!! Your profile was very touching!!!