Friday, January 27, 2012

Thinking out loud

Thank goodness the weekend is here. I just read in another blog that there is nothing like the type of day where there is nowhere you need to be and nothing really to do...aside from what you want to do that is. I am honestly thankful for these type of days. I find myself longing for Spring / Summer. Here in Michigan it is almost crazy to even complain about the weather as we have had the most mild winter, with temps in the upper 40's lower 50's. This time last year we had 3 ft of snow but I would rather 3 ft of snow honestly...instead of just gray and dreary. At least 3ft of snow makes for wonderful landscape photography. This weekend I plan on working on a couple of paintings I started throughout the week that I was not very happy with...hope that I can pull something from it that I can be happy with and share.
I have finally found the right graphite pencils and so pleased about that. I have still been struggling and have for a long time with finding the right pens that do not act crazy on things that are painted. Sharpies work rather well but they even act nuts I read in I believe Artful Journaling in one of the sections that I love so much called Ask The Artists what pens they use on painted items and aside from sharpies which were the number 1 response, many people suggested a PITT artist pen. We shall see how it works tonight. Hopefully I will be singing with a glorious smile on my face there is nothing worse than getting the outline or lettering stages of a journal page or work of art and your pen flips out!
I hope you all have a nice weekend and find some time for creating something you are proud of...something that fills your soul with happiness...that thing that you have been meaning to get to. My paint brushes are calling my soon as I get into my favorite comfy clothes and slippers :)

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