Friday, January 20, 2012

YAY it is Friday!

Feels so nice to have a day off. Spent almost the entire morning and afternoon cleaning out and organizing art supplies. Let's just say I made up a few new swear words doing so. I have the smallest apartment possibly EVER built and it makes it so hard for me as an artist. I have supplies in bins, organizer drawers, shelf's...everywhere. Feeling much better about it however because during the course of a week I make a nice mess pulling things out for the few hours I have after work until its time for me to get in the bed because I have to work again in the morning. This is somewhat of a cycle for me because every few months, things are just unorganized. I guess I am a bit ocd about it all from what others tell me but I have to be with limited space. I dream one day of having just at least a spare bedroom or basement in a house that I can make my own creative space. Nothing in the world would make me happier. Sometimes when I drive past large old homes, I wonder if the people inside are grateful for what they have and imagine how many rooms must be in their homes...I think of all the fantastic things I could do with just one room they may have that they take for granted and how thankful I would be to have it...someday right? We have to dream...dreams stimulate motivation and action.
And is Friday night I have the rest of the weekend off...few projects I've been working on are calling my name. Showered and dinner is done and out of the way just waiting for Kori to get here. Helping her with one of her college application essays and then going to work on some art...make another mess LOL Hope you all find some time this weekend to do something you let your creative minds wander and explore something new to you....while I was working on my masters degree I couldnt wait for it to be done...I would get off work at 8:30pm and come home, change my clothes and my face was right back in a book ( I work at a college in Learning Support Services) and would do homework and write papers until the weee hours of the morning and get up to do it all over again and dreamed of this time when I would be done and have time for making art and doing projects I had thought I'm here and it feels great only...there still never seems to be enough time in a day for all the things that interest me. I have three books I've started reading...yes three lol...I love, love, love reading for the enjoyment of reading opposed to textbook reading...and had so many books to catch up on. Right now I am reading The Glass Castle, a Robert Frost poetry book..and Sunflowers..a novel about the last two years of Van Gogh's life..borrowed this one from my oldest daughter Sam so I would like to get to it and return it to her. Hate when people borrow books from me and don't return them. Ahem.....or movies. :) I am really curious to read this book as I am an art history buff of sorts and know a great deal about is funny to me how so many different people interpret art and the life's of historical art figures...there is a series called The Power of Art...many of the episodes can be viewed on but you have to be watched in sections...the narrator's name is Simon...if you like art history or are curious about any particular artist I highly recommend you check those videos out...their very interesting and made well. I had a Survey of Art and Architecture professor who would make us watch Sister Wendy...a nun who analyzes and interprets art.... I'll probably go to hell in a hand bag for this statement but that woman made me want to cut my own eyes
And so...this shall be a weekend of books and art...spending good time with my youngest and just relaxing...hope you are able to do the same. Thanks for stopping by and say hello when time permits...while I am 100% okay with talking to myself its nice to know sometimes I'm not the only one listening to me.. peace & love and happy creating!

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