Saturday, February 04, 2012

Saturday = Art Day

Good morning palz!
Hope the day finds you well and in good spirit. Ever feel like you have more ideas than you have time to complete? That is how I am feeling right now. So many have too's last night I did not even get out of work clothes until 9:30pm. That is how it goes sometimes right? Today I have a few things to get around to, something special for my mail carrier as part of my boom boom card random act of kindness..looked at Michael's for spray paint but refused to pay what they wanted for a can. I know I can find just a simple matte finish white can of spray paint for the cans that I am making. Will have to look sometime this week. Beyond that I found a cute little wooden box that I want to paint / decorate mixed media style. Cute little box and I have big plans for it. Hoping it comes out the way I envisioned it! Got a couple of good coats of Gesso on it last night. Can I just say that I LOVE Gesso!!!! It is by far one of my favorite art supplies and it serves so many different purposes for me its just so good to me. :) Thankful today for Gesso! Knowing how many other artist and mixed-media artist in particular are here I bet many of you feel the same! So here I sit with my favorite mug...a starbucks ceramic tall mug my daughter Kori got me for Christmas, has a sliding lid so it stays warm longer...sipping morning brew...YUMMY coffee and not far from starting my day. After some housework and a shower...I will be happy to just sit and loose myself for the rest of the day in creativity. Hope you find time in your own day for something like that! Have a wonderful weekend and HEY incase you missed it Dona was the so lucky winner of Lia Lane's Valentines Day giveaway! Dona if you see this post please make sure to get your mailing info to either me or Lia so we can get your little sweeties out to you! And congrats!
peace & love everyone

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