Friday, February 03, 2012

A special tribute to my daughter

This morning we attended an award ceremony for my youngest daughter Kori where she was presented with some very honorable awards. I am overwhelmed right now with pride as a mother, gratitude for my children and almost tears that she is a senior. 
A few months ago Kori entered a contest by creating a poster for the International Auto Show. Out of 897 posters Kori won first place which got her a very nice award (not today but when she won) two free tickets to the Auto Show, $500.00 in cash prize and her poster on the website and display at the International Auto Show. Very cool! I felt very proud then. Today was ever greater. She was chosen as one of only two students at her High School for the awards she received today. 
High school is so hard for kids today. The pressures on them are enormous compared to what we 40 somethings ever had to endure. There is a great weight on their shoulders with so much peer pressure. I am proud to say my daughters have been so incredibly strong and willful minded to not let things detour them. That is not to say that they never slacked on homework, received a detention or fallen victim (as they would have you believe) of failing a class or two. But with hard work, dedication and drive all things are possible and both of them knew that from early on. They have made me such a proud mother. My oldest daughter Samantha was no different. Always a wonderful student and excelled at everything. 
My heart is full of gratitude today. For them wanting to make their parents proud, for them working hard to achieve their goals and for them striving for excellence and self growth. I couldn't ask for better kids. I'm full of gratitude toward them for TRYING. That is all I have ever really asked for let me see you TRY. 

Thank you Kori...for trying. I love you!

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