Sunday, February 05, 2012

Super Bowl Sunday

Not a big fan of football. Actually that is a huge understatement, the truth is I loath football. I would rather eat nails than watch football, or be tortured some cruel and inhumane way than watch football. However....I always keep my word. I promise every football season that I will watch one entire game with Don. So..all season long I put it off and put it off and put it off and before I know is Super Bowl Sunday! And it works out great because he is happy its Super Bowl Sunday and cheers on his team and I am cheering just because it means football season is almost over!! HA! Huge crock put of homemade chilli going...its been a busy Sunday around these parts. My dad visited this morning, went to get break pads for my car cause I trust God and have blind faith but not in stopping a car with no breaks! :) Finished the small box I started yesterday, think I could have done a better job on it but pleased enough for the first one I've done. I have one more to do that is much larger and I'm happy about that because I'd like to add more mixed-media elements to this one and there is plently more room for that! Here are a few photos from my day. I hope you have had a nice Sunday yourself! Say hi when time permits so I know I'm not alone here in the world of blogging! :) Always nice to hear from my new friends here! 
Peace & Love

My messy art shelf...I should be ashamed but I'm space is limited! lol 


  1. Oh my goodness... I am running with spoon in hand!!
    YUMMY :]

  2. :) Came out great! More on my boom boom card later...this weekend honestly got away from me!