Monday, February 06, 2012

Sure felt like a Monday!

It is late so this will be a short post...Worked until 8:30PM this evening and then had to drive Don out to Martins garage to do my breaks. Thank goodness their done, they were getting pretty bad. Found myself on the way home, feeling very tired and full of gratitude for the good things and people in my life. Said some internal kinda prayers. Dons mother and my father are both have very important surgeries this Friday...keeping good faith and fingers crossed that all things go well with them. It is after 11 and I am still in business attire from the day...finding myself even when I an exhausted thinking about sketching some faces, playing with characters, working on Don's Valentine I am making for him :) Painting this box that is starring at me that I did not have time to get to this past weekend and....finish my mail lady / man's random act of kindness. Not sure how much time the work week will allow me to work on things..8:30 is a tough one because it leaves so little time in the evening before it is time to sleep and do it all over again! Thankful. Regardless. For everything. Even the tough stuff.

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