Thursday, February 09, 2012

What a week!

Well hello everyone. Didn't abandon my blog by any means. Just been a highly busy and stressful week for us here. Don's mother just had surgery today and in the morning my father has heart surgery. Rather worried about him some of you may know that he was in a bad car accident over Christmas and was hurt rather badly, and now this surgery is absolutely necessary. Not at all related to the car accident but the condition of his heart prior to the accident.  The pace maker he has is out dated and the battery is going dead. He hit the floor a couple of weeks ago and was own for 9 seconds prior to it kicking in. That may not seem like a very long time but when you think of it in terms of a heart not beating that is a long time.
Aside from those things the normal every day stress stuff and I have not been feeling good myself for days now. Have a cold and have been coughing like there is no end to it. So happy Don's mother is doing well tonight and getting some much needed rest after her surgery. It was very comforting to know her surgery was done and that she did well. She is in our thoughts tonight. We will be up and leaving here tomorrow morning at 530am headed to Oakwood hospital in Dearborn Michigan where my fathers heart surgery will take place. Please keep both of our parents in your thoughts and prayers if you would be so kind...we can use all the prayers we can get!
On a bit lighter note, if you have never had a Cherry  Lime-Aid from Sonic...its a must. Man these things have to be the best soda kind of drink on the planet. LOVE them!
Have a few pieces of art in the works frankly too many honestly. lol Isn't that always the case? More ideas and projects than we know what do with?
The only thing completed this week with all of the stressful events we have been dealing with is my lovely Queen of Hearts. I am really loving this new Folk Art I have been playing with. Not new to the world of art by any means but semi new to me. I'm very happy with her and considering how little time I have had to work on her she came out rather cute I think. Hope you enjoy her!
Queen of Hearts 8x8 canvas ~ Acrylic, ink, paper, wax and watercolor
I hope you all have been having a good week thus far and that you have found time to create something special. I am looking forward to the weekend myself to work on some things. But will enjoy it much more and feel much less stressed out when I know my father and Don's mother are healing and safe. At almost 41 years old, I have sat back and reflected on my own relationships with my parents and find irony in the fact that one day you wake up an adult, and your parents almost role reverse with you. Both of my parents have had such a hard few years and I have been trying very hard to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for anything that could happen and it just does not work. I do not believe anyone can ever prepare themselves for such an event. Resting my head tonight worried and hoping for the best. Good night my friends...bless us all!


  1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, life, and "you". :]
    This is a beautiful painting. Great work... keep "arting"
    Wishing your parents a speedy & healthy come back ((hugs))

  2. Thank you has been a long two days...or week I should say. Both of our parents are well tonight and stable. We are very blessed and thankful...and thank you for being here and always having kind words. :)