Sunday, March 18, 2012

Good morning do you do?

Hope this finds you all well and happy this Sunday morning. Up far too early but must get myself in the habit as my work schedule changes this coming week and I need to be up earlier than usual. Been working on a few little things here and there artistically in between sorting out the malfunctions in life lol Seems every week for the last month something has broke and has needed to be replaced. First week the front breaks on my car, second week the starter on my car, third week some girl on her cell phone pulled out in front of me literally 4feet from me hitting her and i slammed on my breaks to not her hit and snapped both of the back break lines then on Friday, not only did my vacuum catch on fire, my belt on my dryer broke. Hmmmm is right feeling like someone cursed to work some reverse the back luck voodoo whoever is responsible better watch out cause its about to be coming back three fold lol
So..I found these super cute 4x4 little canvas's at Micheal's... was not real sure what do do with them but started doing little owls on them and their coming out is one of them I finished last night.

A second and third in the works. It is a challenge for me to draw and paint this small...but their a hoot to make! hehe. Have a wonderful Sunday and will post the other owls later on!

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