Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bits from my day

Rare occasion that I get to stop by and post anything mid-week! Nice feeling hello everyone! I hope this finds you well and having a great night...Thought that since I had the day off today and it was such a great day I would share some of it with you all.
Been on a mission lately to get myself healthy, make better choices..and so this morning Don & I had breakfast..visited with my friend who stopped by for a bit over coffee and then we headed out to go for a walk..took a few photos along the way..the day was so nice perfect walking weather and this is my favorite time of year...everything is coming to life you will see many photos on the months to come of landscape and flowers. Flowers are possibly my favorite thing to photograph. I absolutely love flowers.
And so here are a few of the images I took on our walk.

Nice Spring day huh? Then we headed to the fruit and vegetable market after a good long walk and bought some great food. We have really been educating ourselves these past few weeks on healthy food and making good choices and I was a bit fearful usually shop at Kroger and found out what a huge mistake that is for things like vegetables and fruit..we have a place here near our home called Randazzo's and for $25.00 we came home with a trunk full of fresh goodies! 
This is only a bit of what we got..apples and oranges and kiwi and tomatoes and cherry tomatoes and romaine lettuce, fresh spinach, lemon, lime, cucumbers, garlic, bean sprouts, extra virgin olive oil, mushrooms, pea pods, green beans, zucchini, grapefruits..and the list goes on...its amazing how cheap this stuff is at the market! That in itself is drive to eat healthier right?! :)
We even went out on a limb and tried something neither of us has ever had before. Dragon Fruit. This odd looking thing is so cool looking inside and out. I thought it looked so cool I did not even want to cut it open not that I even knew how to eat one I had to it to find out! Come to find out it is a super food, which means it holds amazing nutritional benefits..I have a link to an article about this fruit and I strongly suggest you check it out. It was the most expensive thing we bought there it was like 3.50 for one of them but the health benefits make it worth every red cent and it was delicious! Taste a bit like kiwi and a pear had a baby lol
Check this thing out for those of you who are not in the know!

The last image is after Don and I had our half and I heard in a video which I will try to find and post a link to in case anyone is interested is that because the skin or shell of the Dragon Fruit is so thick, it makes for a nice serving bowl if you scoop out the inside and cut into chunks...very cute and colorful I think! I almost wanted to just keep it lol I'm strange that way...and so without further ado here is the link to some facts about this beauty:

And here is a link to a video about Dragon Fruit!
After we got back and shared our Dragon Fruit and both agreed it is so awesome we will replace it with our love for cheese cake while we are trying to make better choices, we did some work around here and then cooked dinner together. I made a great healthy stir fry! Cooked bean sprouts, broccoli, pea pods, zucchini, fresh garlic, whole fresh green beans, whole cut mushrooms, pepper and parsley with 4 small white chicken tenderloins...boiled a few red potatoes and dinner was absolutely amazing. Have to teach myself to cook all over again so this should be fun! Will share any recipes with you all that I find to be worthy of sharing! 
YUM right? You bet...
And has been a great day overall...and as the night comes to a close I just want to say thanks for stopping by here. Thanks for leaving feedback as time permits it is nice to know I am not all alone here! Looking forward to Friday night when I am done teaching, going to get to some art projects this weekend...if it kills me or someone else lol Time always has a way with taking from me it seems and I do not get to half of what I had hoped for by the time Sunday rolls around! I am sure many of you can relate! Have a great night everyone and see you again real soon!
Peace & Love 


  1. If the weather allows it I'm totally hittin' the Farmers Market this weekend. Also going to try a dragon fruit.

  2. YAY...their pretty good and even if its not your favorite fruit the health benefits are worth eating one just because! I am looking forward to hitting Farmers Market one weekend soon...this weekend is looking pretty busy but surely taking photos there too!! Thanks for stopping by Cheryl!