Sunday, April 29, 2012

Busy Week!

As the title of this blog suggest it has been a very busy week. Got new wheels last Wednesday and can't begin to tell you how glorious that feels! To be able to jump in and go and not fear making it there or not!! Can't wait to get to a few places we have been wanting to go for awhile now but the unreliability of the car we had would not permit that. Kori s graduating soon, and we spent the whole day yesterday despite cooler yucky kind of weather down at the Detroit Institute of Arts and in Greek-town doing senior pictures for her and her boyfriend Zachary. Had such a fun time and her photos came out so amazing...She refuses to let me post any just yet on facebook but she didn't mention my blog!! HA! Just no sneak peak its killing me...I have to share just one at least she is so beautiful and smart and talented and she makes me so proud. Here is my soon to be graduate Kori!
<3 <3 <3

More to come this evening or tomorrow. Itching to take more photos of things, itching to get my hands dirty with some art projects this weekend just did not permit that to happen!

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