Friday, April 20, 2012

The Heidelberg Project

Such a gloomy day outside today. Think it is making every one a bit sleepy. Had a little bit if time before my class this evening and wanted to share some color with you all and information about the Heidelberg Project right here in Detroit! So many great things happen in Detroit that NEVER get recognition due to the bad rap the city has but its all about what you choose to make of it. I am a Detroiter always have been grew up in Detroit most of my life and on the outskirts of Detroit and we LOVE the city. We love downtown, the architecture, the people for the most part, the history of this city is just amazing in itself and while the city has been in a bit of trouble with high crime and poverty..there is always hope...hope that one day this city is restored and seen for its potential around the world.
Last summer and the summer prior Don, Kori and myself, headed down to the Heidelberg project to take some photos...little did we know the artist Ty was outside working on some things for the following weekends festivities, a big art fair right in the streets...a celebration of culture if you will.. and my daughter Kori was just amazed that we got to hang out with him for the afternoon and help decorate the trees with polka was a BLAST! Here is a link to the official website for the project and if you can find a link to read about its history please do so!

Here are a few photos of 100's I took. Unfortunately I take more photos than I ever get around to posting or editing so these are a year old come June but still...gotta love the color and intention!
The above photo is the home of of the artist and creator of the Heidelberg Project ~ Tyree Guyton, and yes, he still resides in that home to this day! VERY cool down to earth man with vision, a heart of gold and more HOPE than many people I have ever met! He was so friendly and welcoming to us and Ty if you ever see this..Thank you for being so inviting to my family and allowing us to help and be part of your was one of the funnest days we have had and will not soon forget it!
Across the street from Ty lives Tim Burke another artist who plays a role in the neighborhood and very honestly, I am not sure if this is his home or just his studio but he is always there with his wife and adorable baby! :) 
 Slightly "darker" and "political" artist..
So colorful and so alive. I'd just like to note that...when you have never lived in a completely destitute and poverty stricken neighborhood, or have never had anything but some old junk you find in the streets, and are so poverty stricken that you are is easy to view this neighborhood as eye sore, a clutter of junk...the people in this neighborhood view this as HOPE, they see it as a rainbow on a cloudy day...I commend Ty and all of his efforts to utilize misfortune and destruction to create something amazing and give the children in his neighborhood something positive and  for stimulating their young imaginations and letting them be a part of his process. 
Hats of to you Mr. Tyree Guyton ! <3

You cannot stop something from happening, but you can choose how to deal with any situation.

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    Very inspiring, thank you for sharing.
    I could see how someone could "run away" with ideas to go create something artful, love it. :]
    An artist's playground...