Sunday, April 15, 2012


Some people doodle when their on the phone, some when their in meetings at work...I pretty much doodle everywhere, on everything it is without a doubt something that is uncontrollable for me. When I am bored I just open up Photoshop and doodle there and that is where this came from. Had really no idea where it would go or if anywhere for that matter. I titled it the Sound of Summer because that is what it reminds me of...the whistling of trees, birds, air...
Hope you all enjoy it..I am pretty happy with it for starting out as a blank canvas and doodles, brushes and brush strokes! I love Spring and Summer...all of its colors all of the life it brings to everything!


  1. Oh my... this is a wonderful doodle, indeed! :]
    What fun!
    Really like all the butterflies and birds in her hair.

  2. Thank you so much April! I'm glad you like her..she was fun to do! Over 70 layers!