Saturday, May 26, 2012

Catching up!

Well it has been a very busy week..and I could not be happier that the holiday weekend is here. So very full of gratitude for all of the past and present vets and soldiers who have served and are serving. The sacrifices they make are inconceivable to most of first and foremost THANK all of them.

I have not had a chance to really post much over the last week so I am going to give you a random bunch of photos from the week! Starting with Eastern Farmer's Market that Don, myself and the kids visited last week. It was insane downtown Detroit for what is known as Flower Day there...there seriously had to be 5,000 people down there...was not thrilled that I picked up a nail in one of my four 80,000 mile tires while there, but it is what it is the tire is replaced and I'd just like to say to most people who have no idea about Detroit other than what they hear on the news. I am a Detroiter, always have been always will be. I LOVE this city. There is good and bad no matter where you go and if you don't believe that just watch a few hours of Investigative ID  

Don and I love downtown...we love the art, the architecture that is ...unbelievably beautiful and full of history, the history of this city is so rich and colorful...and yes the people. In most parts....Farmers Eastern Market located in downtown Detroit is one of many of our favorite spots...street venders, farmers selling their products, artisans, musicians playing in the streets, people dancing, eating, grilling and just having a great time. Full of culture, and inspiring to me...we love to just go down there and stroll...take photos and have a bite to eat. We also love to walk through carnivals! Love this time of year because of all of the carnivals. Don and I share something in common while we both love roller coasters, neither of us can ride carnival rides....the spinning is just too much for both of us...but we do love the lights, the colors, the smiles on kids faces, the games and animals, the cotton candy and candy apples ( thought we didn't touch them and wont be with our lifestyle change and diets which are going wonderfully by the way!) we do enjoy seeing them however and taking a few images so there are a few I will be posting from one we strolled through last night....and some art I'm currently working on. Still trying to get use to oil pastels and having a blast doing so.

Thank you to all of the people who have sent emails and comments about how I should sell some art. I have tried my hand at an esty account but have only gone so far as to create an account. I have only sold a few works of art I've ever made and guess I just did not know or believe my work was worthy enough to do so....and sometimes the works that people say they would buy, I think are terrible lol That may be something I embark upon later this summer...wish I had someone backing me with that because it takes money to make have to have the ability to pay for high quality prints and package them nicely...postage and all of that good stuff so I guess some research into those types of things will be in the works for me. any feedback, suggestions or tips on that aspect of selling prints and art on etsy would be wonderful because I really have no clue!

And so here are some images from the week...some very random kind of shots of things that just inspired me or made me smile...hope you enjoy and thank you so much for stopping by....this place is due for a facelift here soon....possibly some this weekend..

I love the sound of drums, and love the way you could hear these African beats from blocks away!
I really love this image..I love the mysteriousness of her headdress..and love her jewelry!
Belly Dancers in the streets..
So much culture in the city..I find it fascinating and love the color!
A balloon hit these power lines and the lines were jumping and sparking..people began to panic and run..
LOVE this guys
Wish I had caught the name of the artist who creates these lovely bird houses and sells them...she is there every yr.
Super cute way to recycle an old chair in the garden!

Sinnful! }:)
Coolest garbage can EVER!
Love this image!
I have incredible luck at these carnival games...made for happy girls when my kids were little! :)
Hoping to complete her at some point this weekend....she was started at 1:00am and I'm pleased so far..

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