Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Forest is Filled With Magical Things...

Today we got up...packed a bad with veggie wraps, bottled water, diced pineapple, raisins and oranges and we headed out to Stoney Creek Metro Park. On this healthy mission of ours..we decided that this time we would take the harder, longer nature trail & folks..while I survived & am able to live to tell the story...I'm not gonna lie...I thought I might flat-line about 900 times. LOL It was hot..& long..and very rough territory...the trails start out paved but quickly turns into up and down hill gravel & once you get very deep into the forest..magical things begin to happen...We did 3 miles of this nature exploration..met some little friends along away...frogs, deer, crickets, butterflies...all sorts of wonders that you don't see living near the city as we do..more & more I dislike being here. When I lived in the country...I yearned for the city and living in the city just drives me in my free time to anywhere I can find to go in the country...Here are some photos from our day. Both of us are sunburned it was very hot in the later afternoon sun..& my legs are pretty sore but it was worth every second of it!!
This is where our journey into the forest began...
I try to take in even the smallest of beauties in nature...I find them fascinating

Such a beautiful area..we were shocked how many trees had been taken down from the storms.
I love the design and colors on inspiring!

MY..what big teeth you have..just sayin' ;)
Love water reflections..
Another one...their everywhere!
Magic mushrooms..Don tried one and now has a fox tail if anyone knows how to fix that contact me lol ;)

Shocked to learn that this area is a breeding ground for rattle snakes!
Not real sure what this is but loved its shape and perfection!
Was inspired by the various natural arches there seemed to be in various parts of the forest..
Another natural makes you feel like you are entering something mystical! :)
More mushrooms!
Inviting that stump is when you are tired and hot..though the forest can play tricks...all around it is poison ivy..
Can't leave well enough alone..just had to see how it would look if all the trees were red like on Planet Claire ;)
Really like this photo for some reason..
This one too...not sure why
Kept seeing these types of leafs all throughout the trail..their very pretty actually!

This was perhaps 3/4's though the 2.5 miles where I thought I was going to flat-line LOL
Look you see what I see...I would have not been very happy if I had stepped on these sneaky hidden creatures!
"I think it pisses God off when you walk by the color purple in a field and don't notice it "
(The Color Purple)
I notice it every time...

Cool birdhouse..though I wish it were another color or painted cool..may have to make one soon!

Our new friend..he hung out with us for our entire lunch break and what a cool little guy..he posed for me all the while! cool right!?

Looks like a gummy bear he is eating..he didn't want the fruit we tried to give him lol

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  1. WOW!!
    What fun photos... love them. :]
    I am not too crazy about the furry little guy, but love the windmill and the trails, very cool!!
    Take care.