Saturday, May 12, 2012

Great Saturday So Far!

Hi everyone, hope you are having as good of a Saturday as I have had thus far...we got up today had breakfast checked e-mail showered and headed out to a favorite place of mine since I was a teen..known in these parts as Yates Cider Mill, though it is absolutely beautiful in the summertime as well as the Fall..with this healthy lifestyle change I want to get out walking and boy did I get was I was aiming for. Yates has some beautiful nature trials that are gravel and flat but of course we had to do it the hard way and go down close to the river and take the rugged way...about 2-3 miles total. Then we headed back to our own next of the woods and stopped at the local fruit and veggie market to get some things we needed...I have a cocoanut to smash open tonight that we are looking forward to and we had a wonderful lunch. I am reminded today of how much I love warmer weather and summertime here in Michigan. While the morning was a bit cloudy it was a perfect day for what we had planned. I love all the local fresh fruit and all of the wonderful parks in this area and beyond. Here are some photos from our day..tonight I will be finishing up a collage I started for my Mom for Mother's Day...and possibly getting a couple of movies off of the RedBox..I was struggling with making my mom something for Mother's Day...found these adorable paper pache' birds that I gave a go but friends...let me tell you that paper mache' is not my forte' lol Not yet anyways I may get to a place where I master it but it is not this weekend light of that revelation I started a very cute collage for her and will be painting a bird on a rock that I bought for her a few years back for her garden and the paint has since weathered off of it...I will take before and after photos of that and share for sure! Here are the images from out day with no further delay...have a good Saturday night and Happy Mother's day tomorrow to all of you Mom's. <3

And then..our wonderful lunch!

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  1. These are lovely photos... looks and sounds like you are having a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! :]
    The art of paper-mache' has and always will fascinate me.
    Enjoy... ((hugs))