Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May 29th

This month sure seems to have flown by and so did the long holiday weekend. Here is a list of things I planned on doing that I never around to.
* Creating a new banner for this blog to give it a much needed in my opinion face lift.
* Sew a new side tote bag for the times we go hiking and do photo shoots...always way too much to carry in just the camera bag.
* Create a new playlist of music for this blog...I listen to my playlists all of the time, without doubt more than any of you have listened to it lol I open my blog and listen while I get ready for work.
* Finish up a few pieces of art I started last week.
While the weekend offered a bit of extra time without work, it seemed to just go by so fast and I had so many other have to's to do but I am determined that in the next week these things will get done if it kills me!
I am so thankful for the friends I have here on BlogSpot. For the sharing of minds, ideas and personal art journey's...you are all so inspiring to me and I enjoy you!
Been doing a lot of learning and practicing in Photoshop. I truely LOVE Adobe and particularly Photoshop! The possibilities are endless and you can never know everything there is to know about this program! I have learned about 10 new things in the last week! really wanting to up the bar in props for images and technique. More to come on that later!
I took this image yesterday after planing some chics and hens a friend gave me! Thanks I love them! Hope you all have a great week! Feels like Monday today! Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday :)
  This was just some playing in Photoshop..

I would love to say I have this amazing growing and planting secret garden of a space but the truth is I am very limited in my ability to do with a very small front yard and patio in front of my apartment..I dream of one day having my own yard and studio...and when and if I ever do...rest assured I will have my own secret garden...
We all must DREAM a little bit!

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