Sunday, May 06, 2012

What a week!

Hello folks! Hope this blog entry finds you doing well. I have not abandoned blogging efforts, it has just been a very crazy busy few weeks here. My youngest is a senior and she has her senior prom yesterday, been doing hair and nails and make up, photos and transporting,...its been slightly insane but so exciting and fun! Here are a couple of photos of Kori from yesterday before the prom with her boyfriend Zachary!

Kori Murphy & Zachary Jensen
Anchor Bay High School Senior Prom 2012
Beautiful aren't they? Can hardly believe this was the last one. Had a wonderful time at the Jensen's home who host the prom before and after party for all the kids and their parents. Don, Martin (Kori's dad) and I all went there yesterday for drinks and food and to take photos of all the kids and families and we all had a great time. Such wonderful people. Feeling very lucky as a mother that Kori picked such a great guy and wonderful family! We really couldn't be more proud or lucky! He is such a great young man, well educated, funny and treats Kori with such wonderful respect. We all just love him!
So, with that being said just wanted to come by and say I have not forgotten about this blog. Been working here and there with very little time to create new buttons and a new summer banner...that will be coming soon I like doing a facelift around here from time to time...It is like my house, I have to change furniture around often in rooms so that I do not get bored with the rooms lol Not always fun but so worth it afterwards! 
For any of you following my great lifestyle change /diet I am on day 25 today!! It is going wonderfully..allowed myself some leeway yesterday at the Jensen's but remained careful which was hard to do Mrs. Jensen is a Culinary Arts Wizard and her cooking is out of this world wonderful! Every year she cooks the most amazing meals for all the kids and their parents, she has a table full of delightful h'orderves..and wine for the adults of course...but right back to my plan this morning. Would like to get out and walk today...thinking of the possibility of the nature trails at Stoney Creek today...would make for some wonderful photo taking as well. We shall see...more to come later friends. Have a wonderful relaxing day...hope it is as sunny and beautiful start to the day as it is here! 
Happy Sunday!

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  1. love your blog! and oh my, I'm trying to picture my 2 year old at senior prom with a boyfriend (heart attack right now!). I hope they have fun and they are a cute couple!