Thursday, June 07, 2012

Gratitude Reminders, Inspiration & Like Minds..

You all must get so tired of me posting that there is not enough time in a day. But it is so true.  Have been feeling like I have been spreading myself rather thin these past few weeks with lots of commitments and have lost sight slightly of me and the things I am aiming for here and in other aspects of my life. Realigning with the weeks end and into the next few weeks.
I honestly love this blog. It is a place to escape to and be myself. I love the people I have found here be it they found me or I have found them, doesn't really matter what matters is that I really love you all.
quick story with a few quick un-edited photos and then I must go because my life is so busy and I work today until 8:30PM.
This blog place feels to me like The Detroit Waldorf School felt. I had a bit of a rough childhood and the school I attended throughout elementary and middle school were not schools that embraced the arts by any means. When I got to high school I was lucky enough to have my parents say enough is enough and they had me write an essay about art for the possibility to being accepted into the Detroit Waldorf School. I had no idea at the time how this school would affect me or my life but it changed me forever more. I found myself here. I was with like minded people my age, and honestly of all ages because at the time I attended the school it was pre K-12 and the graduating student body was only maybe 60 people? Very small classroom sizes which meant closer relationships with teachers and friends...we MADE our own text books and the curriculum was nothing that I had ever experienced before. We had courses like Comedy and Tragedy, Basket Weaving, Sculpting, Watercolor Painting and the list goes on. This is not to say that we missed any of the standard reading, writing and math because this is a private school the curriculum was very strict and hardcore, but it embraced the arts and the teaching philosophy met the needs of artisticly driven children and embraced all aspects of the arts.
Now the reason that I compare the feeling I get from this blog site to that of the experience of attending Waldorf schools ( do some research on the schools and the ways they teach) is that I finally felt like I was with peers there, who I could relate to, who inspired me, who I could share with and there is no way for me to express to you the things childhood left me with, that made me need that so badly. It was divine timing in my life...I never felt more comfortable in my own skin or with my surroundings or educational abilities as I did at Waldorf.  The photos you see below here were just taken not too long ago when Don and I drove through Indian Village of Detroit ( beautiful area of Detroit if you can believe that) and visited the grounds of the school. I cried. Memories flooded over me of sitting in these beautiful courtyards with my art classmates drawing nature and having lunch under trees...the experience is one I will take with me forever until the end of my days as being THEE experience of my life..the one that made ALL the difference in where I could have ended up as a troubled youth or come into my own...where I learned that I DID in fact belong and had a gift of some sort that just needed to be nurtured and further developed. That too is like this place.

Thank you to all of my blog friends here. You uplift me, you make me feel like I am with like minded individuals that have a common goal and here I keep further developing my skills, and myself as an individual. You inspire me in so many areas of the art world and when I come here and read your post, view your work and images, read your positive affirmations and quotes I walk away every time feeling RICH beyond material wealth. I love you guys...the way I loved Waldorf.

Here is a link to a site that explains the Waldorf School.

Please check out the website!
Dance around the site and read about the different aspects of the Waldorf School...their currently located in 83 or 86 different countries. To be honest with you had my income provided me with the ability ot send my children here I would have and if I had a child today, who is under or near school age, I would do everything in my power to send them to a Waldorf School or home school them and that is the truth!
Thank goodness both of my kids are now graduates and did well where they were but I have a real problem with the public school system these days!

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