Monday, June 18, 2012

New things...

Weekends just never last long enough..
However, got some great reading done, visits with family members,
photos taken and edited, sewing a bit tonight..and its just about time to wrap up the night. 
Here are a few things from the weekend!

Please note:
All images and art in this blog are original works of art and photography and while I am honored that anyone would like any image here enough to repost it or download it I ask with kindness to please respect my wishes in not doing so unless you first get permission from me to do so. Thank you kindly for respecting me and my work enough to comply with this wish. 

And...finally got around to pulling out my sewing machine and trunk..its so relaxing to sew..
so many projects I want to get to and so little time! 

This is a tote bag I made tonight for books...I take notebooks, magazines and just books of all sorts with me seemingly everywhere I go and a girl can NEVER have enough bags...I really am loving Muslin fabric right now...the frills use to make me a bit nutty with material but I have come to really admire the entire vintage appeal of it...easy to work with a cool in the summer! Many more sewing project sto come as time permits!
And is time to wrap up the night. No digital journal entry tonight but one coming soon..
a girl can only do so much in one day right?! As the clock states it is 12:14am...take my word for it..I utilize every bit of creative time life has to offer!
With love and hopes of peace in your worlds~

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