Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Twenty Things You Might Not Know About Me

I am a lefty and the only one in my family!

I would never pay $100.00 on an outfit, pair of shoes or any other material possession but...I would drop $100.00 at the bookstore in a heartbeat! Or..on art supplies and not blink

I am 41 years old and sleep with a teddy bear named Honey every night

Even in the winter months I sleep with a fan on or a window slightly cracked for fresh air

I have a serious phobia of germs and struggle with using public restrooms to the point of giving myself kidney stones bad enough for surgery because I hold it at work knowing I live directly across the street from where I work I wait until my lunch breaks to come home and use the bathroom. Germs freak me out!

I curl my feet when sleeping or laying down

I had braces on my feet and legs as a baby and think that is why I curl my feet. The braces were hard shoes with a metal bar between them that I had to wear twenty-four-seven even when sleeping so I slept on my knees with but in the air for a long time

My favorite color is subject to change by the day and mood

I DO sing in the shower...loud and obnoxious

I have a very keen instinct and can often times see right through people. This is a blessing and a curse. I hate nothing more than dishonest people.

My dreams often come true just not the way I dreamed them, they seem to serve as forwarnings

I lack patience overall it has been a huge struggle in my life but the worst of it takes place in bad traffic jams...

I produce possibly 50% more art than I ever share with the public online or otherwise because I am not happy with it

I have written over 300 poems on everything from envelopes, paper towel, note-books, paper, and never share them because their too personal, I LOVE to write

I have written two children's books that I would love to one day have published

I took Creative Writing in college three times when it was only required once to try different teachers, different books and get the online class experience and on ground experience ( Thank goodness I get free courses each quarter for working at the college!)

I hate a messy house and can't function well if I feel my home is disarray. Most people tell me I am o.c.d. with it and even when others think my house is spotless, I think its a mess and have a radar for dirt. This is also a blessing and curse. lol

I have one biological full blood sister named Vickie who I love very much! Two half-brothers named Bill and Mike who I also love very much but rarely get to see and from what I have learned over the the years there are two more brothers out there somewhere one is named Robert we are in contact but have never met and one more brother that I cannot find cause I have no information about.

I find it difficult to walk past gumball and toy machines without getting something out of them

I am allergic to shell fish

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  1. Maybe this post should have been titled I am Neurotic lol