Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Mail Art Swap Update! Deadline Approaching!

Well it is almost mailing time friends! 
Very simple rules and instructions:
Mail to me by August 31st
No bigger than 6x8 in size
Any shape any medium
Only make one, get one from the swap back in the mail and get a special artful goodie from yours truly for joining the swap!

I will be sending out emails to everyone who has shown interest in being in the swap thus far..we have currently ten participants and even some international friends! YAY!! I will send an email thanking you and asking for you to send an address to me for yourself through private email to me by the end of next week! I have a few of yours already but need a list for this swap so please dont forget to do this part. You can either send that to my Facebook inbox or in the email address I provide to you in your email!
One rule that I did change to make it easier for everyone is that you will send your artful beauty to me directly but do not place postage or mailing address on the art, I will do that when I swap them out and I will cover the postage. I do not want anyone to feel like their placing their home mailing addresses out on the internet for swapping so only I will get them. Place them on an envelope and the only postage you need will be to send it my way...I will open them all add the correct postage for the swap and they will be on their way out! Fun right? This is the first one I have done so bare with me...if any of you have suggestions or ideas for upcoming swaps please share..I'm interested in making this work well because I love happy mail and I know many of you do as well and I'd like to continue swapping in the future.
Keep a look out this week for the email I will be sending you for an address reply!
Happy Creating!!

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  1. The mail art swap sounds cool! Do you want a postcard for the art or an envy with something inside! I'm in!!!