Thursday, September 27, 2012

ATC Swap Participant List & Update!

Hey everyone! Really quick before I get in the bed for the night seeing as how I have to be up at 5:45 am to teach two courses tomorrow..I wanted to come by and add a list of all of the ATC swap participants. If you wanted to join and you do not see your name on this list...please dont throw things at me and accept this humble has been rather person left a comment listed as only anonymous and I need a name for you mystery person! Please send me an e-mail and give me a name and valid email address and I would be happy to add your name to the list..lastly...the deadline for mailing is October 22nd! Please keep this in mind if you are an international swapper please make sure yours get sent out slightly before that. I would like to get the cards mailed back out in a timely fashion I have two new swaps that I cannot wait to share with you guys and their big time WAY cool..
Without further delay here are the participants!
JM Monroe (Julie :)
 Joanne Lister
Sue Cottle
Debbie Bankston
 Lisette Baker
(sorry Elizabeth..please send me your last name!) 
Andrea Fields
Kelly Verstraete
Shelly Mendenhall
Vickie Pleins
Chris Steinberg
Karenann Young
 (From Close Friends FB Group..please send last name!)
Yours Truly!
What a wonderful group of creatives we have here!
Anyone who knows someone who would like to join please let them know that while registration is closed if they feel they can make 3 cards and still meet the October 22 mail out deadline, you may still join, send me an email to or find me on Facebook and send me an inbox letting me know you would like to join.
*Everyone please note*
I need valid first and last names and valid email addresses for you all if you have not yet sent those to me as indicated in the message above or if you did and I missed it forgot it and lost it I am so sorry...hanging head in shame...please do so again! Keep an eye out here this weekend much to come for participants! :) TGIF @ 5:00 PM tomorrow!!! 
Night wonderfuls thank you all for joining this is going to be a GREAT swap!


  1. My ATC's went out to you in the mail today. You should get them sometime later next week!

    1. I have something special for you too! Will go out this week! AND..wait until you see my first attempt at creating those little pocket envelopes...nothing like yours yours are so fantastic but I gave it a go! Will post photos! xo Love ya Karen!!