Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life update...busy bussy bee..

Hope this Wednesday upon us finds you doing well. I am...doing well just a bit drained and have a very busy couple of days ahead of me. I work today at my day job until 6 pm then tomorrow work until 6pm again, have faculty professional development mandatory dinner and meeting for instructors until near 10pm..then Friday morning up at 530am and teaching two four hour courses. Asking friends and networking pals to be patient with me until Saturday..busy busy bee I am. 
Managed to work on another mail art piece last night...The US postal service is going to be loving me this weekend...I have MANY items to go out all over the world! So exciting but gets rather expensive...for you mail art participants here is where we are. At least three people who originally joined the art swap have not sent their art at all or had to back out due to unforeseen circumstances. We still have 6 wonderful artists who have participated and this weekend all of those works are in the snail mail plus an kind artful goody from myself for joining the swap and your patience. The next swap will be far more well organized...this was the first one I have hosted myself and I feel like a teacher hounding people to get their work done lol  Life gets busy for everyone specially those with children who just started school and all of that good stuff thank you to all of you who joined and thank you so much making sure your work got to me in a timely fashion...I'm o.c.d slightly and really like punctuality! I HATE being late for anything.
And is an image of the mail art envelope I made last night this one was a much more simple design and easy to make out of one sheet of scrap-booking paper...for those of you who can check out 

they have a ton of mixed media art supplies and scrap-booking supplies on sale right now CRAZY kinda on sale...alot of 50% off and a ton of new stuff...browsed through there to check out what they had I knew they were adding some new things and feel in love with at on of great stuff they have added fro the Fall season...
7 gypsies is my favorite line right now...I am IN LOVE with some of their new stamps and embelishments/ paper and such...check out their stuff here!

that link shows many of their products and here is a link to their blog:

Seriously in love with their line right now...
I usually have an issue with purchasing packages of various stamps...because I will love two or three of them and know with certainty that I wont use the others...I wanted every single stamp set I seen of theirs lol that good! Check them out if you haven't already.

 Not the greatest images but wanted to share with you this morning! More photos to come!
Hope you enjoy!


  1. I started to get lost in Seven Gypsy land, looking at their site!!! Yummy! Love your mail art project from a single piece of scrapbook paper! I've made myself templates of different size envy's for occasions! You've inspired me and tired me out reading about your schedule!!!

    1. Hi Karenann! Nice to hear from you and so glad you enjoyed the link and my mail art...I have to tell you the mail art you sent me for the swap is SO darn cool its killing me to swap it out...maybe you and I will have to make each other a goodie! I have a huge pile of things to mail out this coming weekend including the art from the swap, the art goody from me as a thank you for joining the swap AND I made something special for you and for April cause I just adore you guys!xo Still looking forward to those ATC's and understand not wanting everyone to see them! Let me know when you share them!