Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tuesday Gratitude

While I've been so incredibly busy and stressed out I've still been making time in the later evening hours to sit with a good cup of coffee and work on my ATC's for our swap..Registration is closed however, we have about 16 people that joined. I am waiting on one individual who signed up as anonymous to add the list of swappers here and through the weeks to come as I stated before, I will also be adding some cool links, some examples and hopefully a video or two of me making an ATC from start to finish.  Providing I can figure out how to edit the video and make it do what I want it to lol This should be fun and a learning process.
So..a short blog of sorts today just wanted to touch quickly during my busy day and give thanks to the things in my life that make it wonderful.
Today I am thankful for:
My kids and their boyfriends...because their boyfriends make them happy and they both picked pretty darn good ones that treat them with respect and love.
Coffee..as always..
my family
my job
the work study tutors that I supervise..they rock
sweaters and headbands
my art supplies
my parents 
Don's children who I love
the possibility of someone anyone everyone boycotting the NFL?
raw unsalted almonds :)
Things that smell like Fall...pumpkin spice..ginger..cinnamon..pure unfiltered honey
cold meds...I'm getting sick :( not so thankful for that but thankful its not worse than it is lol
all of you
my art friends who are so important to me...
my favorite Starbucks coffee mug that Kori got for me for Christmas last year..
apples that are really hard and crispy and not mushy :)
I could go on forever...
I'm just very thankful for everything in my life.

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