Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All I Can Say Today ...Is This



  1. I really like your quote about being original, but I also feel like a lot of people are bending over backwards to be like everyone else. I guess it is easier to be accepted that way. Going your own path is not always easy!

  2. Thanks for the feedback Karenann..while I can't really speak for anyone else, I can only speak for myself..I find it hard to swallow when I create something from a style I like...and then told that I was attempting to "flatter through imitation" by some artist I have never seen or heard of. That was a real insult because I have a mind of my own and don't care to imitate anyone..i do know what I like and what I would like to try...for instance the tags or the envelopes for my ATC's...or like April's idea of duct tape journals..we all pick up ideas from one another, and we learn from each other but to me...the time to get offended is when someone tries to take your identity or literally mimics least for is flattering to me when someone likes my work enough to say how did you do that!!>?? Id rather them ask me and give me the chance to teach them than appear disconnected..or full of myself. I agree 100% that so many people attempt to find acceptance through trying to be like others..I guess my point for the last couple of the concept that my opinion is this...originality comes from being an individual. If you make an ATC envelope and I love them so much and would like to try it..I'd never make one EXACTLY like the one you sent me...I'd cut the template..and find a way to add my style touch and personality to it..
    Hope the huge long post about this topic that was posted before this one didn't make me lose any friends or upset anyone...was just being honest and was truly insulted by that persons comment. <3