Thursday, October 04, 2012


So incredibly thrilled and just smitten with the ATC's that are starting to roll in through the snail mail! Got some sneak peeks for you guys tonight quickly before bed...very tired and want to share some more envelopes that you can download and print the template for...give you some inspiration to get moving if you have not already and just say...
hello mates!
Karenann Young and MC Monroe ( Julie) has sent their ATC's and I have been taking advantage of the short times I get after work each night to kick out some here is a peek into what things are looking like...I'm thrilled..they're all beautiful and can't wait to see what the rest of you have to offer the swap! The dicoloration you see in a few of them that kinda looks they are on fire is just the plastic protextive sleeves that I was not one single bit up for taking out and putting back for the sake of some quick like photos just too many so bare with the poor images...before they are mailed out and swapped out I will take great photos of them all! Promise!

If by chance you see doubles in here...just let it'm running on empty folks very tired and just wanting to make sure I keep communicating with you all..its been a long week! lol
Here is the template image of an ATC envelope that can be found online at this link
 You can print it out and it is very easy to make...check out the one I did!

last one is drying and not done yet...
OK so listen up sister is saying that it is not good ATC etiquette to post photos of the ATC's..however, more than half of you in the swap have asked me to do will not know who's are who's and you will not know which ones you are getting that will remain a surprise just trying to encourage some creativity in those of you who haven't started yet or give some of you that are new to this some inspiration kk?? off to bed. Work is demanding right now and I will be done teaching for this quarter this coming Friday so there will be some much needed time for me to rest up and get back in the swing of things with this here blog and my art outside of my day job (which i love but its been very busy)...can't wait for a day out with my guys have no idea how its eating at my soul...wanting to take photos...aaahhh...
on that note im wrapping this here blog up and saying...
sleep week. The weekend is almost here
two good news things today so far
let there be more!


  1. Oh sooooo wonderful, Debbie!!!
    Love the "artsy" goodness here... very inspiring. :]
    You create such beautiful little envelopes too, keep "arting way", my friend.

    1. Thank you April for the comment! And kind words as always you are without fail so supportive and I love you! xo

  2. Wow, how inspiring and creative!
    I love all of the cards gathered!
    It looks like Halloween candy :D

  3. Love all the pics of the ATC's!!! They are all so neat! It's like looking at a box of yummy chocolates but better because I can't eat chocolate!!! LOVE, LOVE your ATC folder!!! What is it with you gal? Great art just oozes from you! I'm so in love with all your art!!!

  4. Can't eat chocolate? OH NOOOO....that is not cool at sorry to hear that. Chocolate...very dark chocolate cures all that ails me lol..and you must just be being nice Karenann my art is no where even in the realm of as good as yours..but I do appreciate that you like my work and we can be each-others fan! :) I adore you as a person too so its a bonus plan! (hugs) You should have an artful snail mail goodie tomorrow I am hoping?! Let me know hen you get it want to calculate an estimation for arrival time for you!

  5. Definitely eye candy! I love seeing all the ATC's you have coming in, and you're right - we don't know who's done what, or what we're going to get. Completely lacking in artistic 'thuse tonight, but will get on to these soon.