Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Columbus Day? Really?

Well it appears some people even adults are still not in the know about the true story of Christopher Columbus. I seem to have offended a few people today with my pin on being "Anti- Columbus Day" let me explain why that is to you all. 
We have been lied to all these years about the TRUE story of Christopher Columbus and I encourage any of you to please not take just my word for it I am no history major but I can see the truth for what it is. This country made Columbus Day a national holiday or day of observance over 300 years after the so called discovery he made of the America's which is a joke. How can anyone discover a land that people already lived on? That is the first of many lies...
Christopher Columbus was a thief, a murderer, a slave driver and a rapist. He fed children and babies to his starving dogs. He killed men and stole woman and young girls for sex slaves and slaves in general. He literally GAVE people away as gifts...I could go on for ever but wont. 
I feel that even if he really did discover something, should we be closing banks and government offices still today?? It just seems really insane to me and we wonder why other countries hate us or think we are stupid. It is one of the most insane things ever to call a holiday and people say well kids are lied to in school and in history books because the truth is just too gruesome for them. Well here is an idea...wait until they can handle the real story and teach them the truth. We are told the reason why history is so important is so that future generations can stop history from repeating itself.  While it is highly unlikely that history will ever repeat itself...it is important for children of all ages to be taught the truth. When I was a child I knew the truth about what happened to my Native American ancestors and I felt betrayed every Thanksgiving by teachers who were not telling the truth. When they referred to my ancestors as savages. Another great set of lies we have taught children. The pilgrims would have never survived had it not been for the Native Americans. 
I just feel it is important to reconsider Columbus Day and we all need to start standing for things we see in this country as wrong. It is not like I just pick things to stomp my feet about I pick my arguements but it floors me every year on October 8th that we still uphold this stupid holiday and that kids in schools all over the nation ar wearing stupid paper hats to represent the Santa Maria and are taught that song about Columbus on the ocean blue. It is morbid and just wrong on so many levels.
OK...my rant is done. Educate yourselves. Do not be angry with me for standing for what I believe in. Just as I would not judge you for your own beliefs. 
It is over, life will be back to normal tomorrow. Well...whatever normal means. 
It really hasn't been a very good day all around the board...I'm sleepy and ready for bed...but check out this link if you would be so kind. 
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night folks.

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