Saturday, October 13, 2012


New Digital Art


  1. Oh so pretty... :]
    A wonderful visual of "envy".
    I wonder if my parrot feels this way at times, when I need to keep him in his cage?? Food for thought...
    Have a wonderful weekend. ~xx

  2. I have always had a thing for birds, bee's and trees..At one point I had 4 birds..and in moving it killed me to have to find new home for them...their amazing creatures to me and I can't imagine what it feels like to has to be such a liberating feeling and the I do believe that caged birds would rather not be caged but at the same time I believe that birds are smarter than humans give them credit for they get attached to their families and owners just as we do to them and they know..well we hope they know their cages are for their protection and because we love them...I let my birds fly in the house and my cockateil Romeo just hung out on my shoulder all day..but at times...he wanted back in his was him own personal space. For me this digital peice was not planned just started with a blank canvas if you will in Photoshop and it came bit by by...I imagined first a birdcage hanging in a window and it being cloudy outside..but then I thought...I wonder what they think by the window if other birds were flying by...? food for thought. lol This is why I'm a bit ....peculiar. :)~