Monday, October 01, 2012

Quick update!

It is very late yet again..thank goodness that I work the late afternoon shift at my day job fellow creative souls know how it goes I'm start working on something that seems like it shouldn't take that long but then you look up and before you know it is 1am...then you have to clean up your mess from it...then you have to post to your art pals what you made lol

Hope you all had a great Sunday! Mine was very busy...visited my sister, then my mom, then all the way to Southgate to see my dad..feels like I have driven all over God's green earth this weekend!

My DEAR friend and fellow artist friend Karen Young was kind enough to send me a beautiful envy in the mail...she and April keep me smiling at the mailbox...takes away the sting of bills...but she was kind enough not only to send one of these darlings to me but once I got it and couldn't figure out how she made it she was nice enough to share a template with me! She is a wonderful artist and becoming a wonderful true friend! Love ya Karen hope these make you proud! Check out her work she is FANTASTIC!! Excuse the blurry images tonight friends..its late and my eyes are ready for some serious sleep! Will take better photos this week!

This is the envy Karen made for me and template!

My favorite attempt so far!

Really enjoying making these adorable pockets...they can be used to house ATC's..send hand written or typed letters to friends and loved ones...and I am thinking they would be great to make for holiday gift cards this year!! Thank you are so good to me...some goodies heading your way via snail mail in the next day or two for your kindness! Keep an eye out! :)
Good night pals!


  1. Your envy pockets are really awesome!!! You've taken them to a higher level! You must ooze creativity!!! I don't know how you come up with such great ideas!!! Thanks for sharing!!!!

    1. You must just be...being super nice because compared to yours I think mine suck lol You rock Karen thank you so much for the idea and for the template..Come up with such great ideas?? Two of us adults couldn't figure out the template from your one envy you had to mail one to me LOL :D are the brilliance behind them!

  2. Hip, hip... hooray!!! Super fun, super creative... Debbie! :]
    Keep being "YOU" ~xx