Sunday, November 25, 2012

And the long thankful weekend comes to a close...

Hey folks...have to tell ya I miss this place. I have felt a bit discouraged due to the message I got from blogger stating I reached some image quota and in order for me to upload images I had to delete over 1,000 images from my account which included all of my pages I had here...and its bound to happen again so I have been ...ok honestly slightly bitter. I love having this place to share and network but hate change..I don't do well with change and it kinda felt like someone changed the code to the lock on my diary you know? So..I have deleted a ton of photos opened a flickr account but don't are for that either because I don't really know how to use it and if I do I only know how to upload one image per post here and well that just sucks really.
Had a wonderful Thanksgiving...girls had plans with their boyfriends which comes with the territory once their over 18...all you guys with babies and little ones...enjoy it as much as you can cause those days are gone before you know it...we spent Thanksgiving day with our dear friends Ember and Joe...they invited us and welcomed us with open arms to their family gathering and we had a blast..then on Saturday we had a second Thanksgiving here at my place with my dad, Sam and Garett..that was awesome we had a lot of fun hanging out..cooked a beautiful turkey. Have been kinda busy for most of my holiday long weekend..but its the time of year where so much needs to be done for the holidays it was a given that it really wouldn't feel like much of a vacation or anything. are a few photos from my week...
parts of my tree..

Tree..just goofin off with the camera
Had a bunch of my art and photos printed..trying to compile a large book of them for my girls
One of my favorite photos that I took in 2012
love love love leather journals..
Lots of gift wrapping this weekend I did...
What a cutie huh? These kids did a fantastic job!!
Melissa and Kevin's wedding..
Adorable..right place at the right time..not posed!
Holding hands..they melt my heart...:)
My youngest Kori at the wedding..what a cutie!
Handsome lil guy...:)
Bride and her brother the details in a wedding
Can't believe he is married and grown...seems like he was 2 yesterday..
Love is grand..
 I do not usually share the weddings that I shoot here in my blog but since this one is family I feel it is appropriate. The groom is my nephew. Actually my ex's nephew but he still calls me Aunt Debbie and I still consider him my nephew..I taught this kid how to tie his shoes say his ABC's and potty trained him...known him longer than my own children so his wedding was a special one and I felt honored that they wanted me to do their photos...this is only a drop in the bucket of 740 photos I took there but wanted to share a few of my fav's and say how happy I am for them and their new family. I love you Kevin and Melissa you were a beautiful bride..Kevin did good! :)

And so as you can see I have been rather more week of kinda crazy hours and not really looking forward to it but ..excited to meet my new boss tomorrow...and really looking forward to getting back to my normal schedule after this week that will be really nice..have not had much time for anything but work and work and sleep and there...not good with early mornings have been a closer for seven years...530 comes fast and is not my friend. :)

So...using up more space here from all the photos I had to delete lets see how fast I can run out of room again...yikes! makes me very unhappy...but I'm still here..still alive and kickin and not going out any other way. Write that down. :) Good night folks. xx

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  1. WOW!!
    Fantastic photos... Such a Lovely Bride.
    CHEERS to the newlyweds!!
    Just look at that cake, so beautiful... the black lace. :]
    Thank you for sharing, Debbie.