Friday, December 07, 2012

Yum! Bits of My Night!

I know some co-workers who are gonna love me! :)
This is what I am still up at 3am for..
made two large bags of these for people at the college!
Dark chocolate, dark choc. ships, walnuts..YUM

For co-workers and colleagues who have nut allergies :)
Same but with white chocolate drizzle!

 Off Friday, Saturday and decorating a friends old Victorian historical home on Sunday..I do her house every year..will post photos! Have a GREAT weekend everyone..thank goodness its here! :)


  1. "YUMMY!"
    What a thoughtful & delicious gift for all. :]

  2. I know the way to say thank you to hard workin folks. Our tutors worked so hard this quarter..about 13 of them did the job of what is normally 30 and they ROCKED! I am the type of supervisor that feels it is so important to say thank you for working hard, and remind the employees that they are appreciated. No better way to please souls than with chocolate LOL Ok maybe that is just my soulful pleasure BUT...its working...they love me they love me! ;)