Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Work today then to my moms for dinner and to see my brother Bill who will be there. Really looking forward to that don't get to see him too often..
A busy day ahead a meeting and then a few tutoring appointments...
Here is some inspiration from my day yesterday!
 Monday I was off so we drove downtown Detroit and while the nation hates our city and it is falling to is so unfortunate because I love this city and its thick rich history. We made an appointment with Old St. Mary's church in Greek-town for taking some photos. The place was built in 1845 and it is just amazing been serving in the Metro Detroit area for over 177 right? The stained glass in this church is breathtaking and its a very peaceful place. So before I head out today wanted to share the downtown and church photos with you all...hope you enjoy! 

You know it
Yes..I traced around every flag...probably missed a few and made many mistakes this was a pain really. lol

I love fire escapes..probably cause I never had to use one lol

GM headquarters formerly known as the Renaissance Center

I often wonder what is behind those windows

Says it all...what a  waste of what was once a  beautiful city...

one of my favorite the variation of architecture in the city...

 Despite the appearance that this is from the Heidelberg project that is not confirmed. These two photos were taken in a completely different part part of the city than where the Heidelberg Project is located but it sure does resemble Tyree's work doesn't it? For those of you who do not know what it is the Heidelberg project is an urban Detroit neighborhood where artist Tyree lives and he got tired of seeing his city go to garbage with burned down homes, vacant buildings and drug infested. He started collecting items and garbage virtually and has turned the neighborhood into somewhat of a museum of ruin...people come from all over the world and while the city wanted to tare it all down, the crime in the neighborhood has stopped, people in the community get involved and people travel to this location from all over the world. The Detroit Institute of Arts bought a portion of the property so that the city could not tare it down which is pretty amazing...While in the city Don and I came across a few different areas where it seems others are following suit. Better than looking at what it really ruin. Here is a link to the Heidelberg Project...which is making its way into art lessons and history books on art a must see...

And here is a link to the DIA Detroit Institute of Arts which I believe with its new renovations is currently the WORLDS 3rd largest art itself...a reason to travel to Detroit...and I'm really not kidding we go there possibly 5-9 times a year...thinking about going this coming weekend! 

There is far more to this city that petty crimes and poverty. art is on the rise in this city. artists are taking over abandoned buildings and turning them into studios and shops for local artist to sell their is an interesting video there are three parts to this video...its worthy!

If you are an artist and like documentaries you will appreciate these videos...
a lot of great history information about Detroit here too.

When you have very learn to find beauty in everything. 

A drawing someone did of the outside of the church..perfect drawing!


  1. WOW!!
    Beautiful photos, Debbie. :]
    Thank you for sharing... feels like I am right there, such a blissful church.
    I really like seeing all the statues and what a wonderful ornate building... FANTASTIC!! ~xx

    1. Thank you April! It was a great fun day and so uplifting..

  2. Great photos! Love how you put in a little color into some of the B&W ones! I've seen that done ages ago. Excellent job! Will check out your links!!!

  3. Thank you Karen for noticing and for stopping by!! You guys are so good to me...I think you may be my only followers lol ?