Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Quick post before the night closes. 
Was talking with a friend about all of the hate in this world..
How it bothers me on such a deep level and how we spread it every single day many times not even realizing we do it. Through our choices in entertainment, through the things we let slip from our mouths; the way we treat others in this life. I am inspired by people who try even if on a very small scale to change this world for the better even if it is just something silly, some random act of kindness..cause just like hate, kindness spreads like wildfire too. I remember telling a story here to a friend through the blog world about how one day I went to Starbucks ..was in the drive through ordering my favorite chi-tea latte with soy on ice...YUM..and when I got to the window the girl said to me  "The car that was in front of you paid your bill" I was a bit confused and immediately looked up to see the car wondering was it someone I was gone no way of knowing...

The next thought was...THIS is what a random act of kindness is and what it feels like when someone does one for you....what a nice feeling.

I then asked how much the bill was for the car behind me cause honestly my luck is such that I would have said "I'd like to pay for the car behind me" and that car was on an office run for 16 co workers and the bill is $150.00 LOL. So when I found out it was under $10.00 I paid their bill and drove off....what a GREAT feeling and I hope that next person paid it forward...who knows if they did..maybe they only had 2.00 on them that day and they were unable..I've been there...or maybe they did it and so did the next car and the next car and the next car...I'd like to believe that some fires we start are good ones...that kindness can spread as easily as anger, hatred, all those bad things this world seems to encompass...I am not a perfect person and I have my moments where I get down right angry and I can be mean and I can be sarcastic and I can be just in general ignorant...but I become more conscious of my own behaviors and bad habits by the day and it is important to me to not just post something that says " Be the change you want to see in the world" but actually post it and mean it by my actions and intentions every day. break those bad habits like saying hateful things in my car about the person in front of me texting or talking on their cell phone or the guy who clearly shouldn't have a license cause he is driving like a madman..Spewing hateful thought about that person who has a different opinion than is really just a matter of choosing not to focus on the act but the person. I heard in church that the moment that you start seeing other human beings as God's children regardless of what they are doing where they are in life or how different they are...more than you are assessing them for what you like or dont about them you begin to see them as valued...human life.

I really have been drawn to the videos made by Soul Pancake and I am really very touched by the things they do to change the world in little ways that are so powerful and meaningful...I've yet to see their show that is apparently or was apparently in OWN network...but I admire the ones who created this and think what they do is amazing. Take a moment and watch this video you wont be disappointed that you did. You may want to scroll to the top and stop the music player to hear it. 
and another
and another

These are so amazing to me...
Friends...the world needs to change. We have been called on to change for some time now and you know...this isnt a religious thing...its a personal thing its a human race, ethical, moral choice each of us need to make as a promise to ourselves to try some kindness...set that fire...

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