Monday, April 14, 2014

Interesting Week

A bit of a mad crazy busy week for me...interviews for jobs, dad in the hospital running back and forth an hour away every single day..Don's birthday...yikes! Felt good to just relax today!  Been working on some sewing and doll making and loving the process..that is when time permits ..will post photos soon but wanted to come by and say hello! Hope life is treating you well!

 If you are a mixed media artist and have a Facebook page, love swapping and doing challenges come over to The Enchanted Imaginarium and request to join my art group there...we have an incredible group of girls there who love to share their artful journey! We have swaps, we talk about life and share ideas, products, tutorials, websites and so much more. Some of the best kinds of friendships are made there! Only a few spots open so get on over is the link...this is a private group..if you are not interested in participating, if you are not an artist of some sort, please don't send a request. The group is only for members who want to be there and actively participate!

Other links where you can find some of my work include: 

And so..until we meet again folks...tata for now! 

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