Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Boom Boom Cards!

I will start my first boom boom card today. Don't know what it is? Check out the link!


  1. Thank you for sharing... this looks very inspiring! :]

  2. Their a lot of fun..I love the idea that you can register the cards with these numbers printed on them at the website, and then post your story and pass the card on to someone you know will continue the random act of kindness and then they sign into that site and post their story so you get to see where the card goes and how people honor the act of kindness! It really is am amazing concept. I will never forget going through Starbucks drive-through one day and the girl at the window telling me that the person who was in-front of me paid for my coffees. It was such a great feeling and so nice that I did it for the people behind me. I probably would have not been able to if the person was making like a work run and had 37 coffees on their bill lol but it felt so good to pull off from that window and know that the person behind me would never know who I was only that I wanted to be anonymously nice to them on that day. I hope it inspired them like it did to me to do the same. How cool right? The whole world needs to jump on the random acts of kindness bandwagon. I will be posting here my card and story. :) Stay tuned and thanks for commenting!