Thursday, February 02, 2012

Things I will be getting to this weekend!

Been working every night until 8:30 pm not leaving much time this week for artist things though I did get to one small owl painting that I will share this weekend sometime. Here is the Boom Boom card that I mentioned on my last post. If you do not know what Boom Boom cards are here is a link to the official website for them and I think this is an amazing concept.

I've been bouncing around ideas for our mail carrier and want to make sure that she knows what is in our mail box is for her. I've though of doing a small box of candies and a note inside but how safe would she feel eating candies from someone who gets bills all the time from her? LOL I will come up with something clever but here are a couple of images of the card I have chosen to begin with. 
Pretty cool concept huh? You can follow the card and see what the people who this card was passed to did for their random act of kindness!~ 
Another project that I would like to get around to this weekend comes from an image I found on Pinterest. Here is am image of an example on how to recycle cans in a creative way. I am all about finding new ways to organize things as I bestow possibly one of the smallest art spaces known to man. I am always looking for clever ways to rearrange and organize to optimize my space and want to give this a go this weekend. Make sure if you try this to be sure to spray paint the cans first inside and out it limits the possibility of the cans rusting. If you are not into painting these cans can be also decorated with scrap booking sheets of paper and then sealed with a gel medium.  Thought I would share the idea with you so here is a photo of them!
Super cute huh? I think so anyways...
And on my way out...for another late work night for me tonight I just want to remind all of you that the Lia Lane Valentine giveaway that I have been hosting this week will come to a wrap tomorrow evening so make sure you get over to that post and leave a comment about the pieces or about your desire to win them! A number will be randomly drawn tomorrow evening via and the people who leave comments will be given a number according to the order in which they left comments since the giveaway began! Their adorable 2x4 Valentine Sweeties that would make a wonderful addition to anyone's home or art studio space. I will be posting the winner as soon as we know who that person is and then we need to get your mailing address so Lia can mail your winning to you! Very simple right? You bet....Thank goodness it is almost Friday this has felt like a very long weekend and I cannot wait to enjoy some down time with my art supplies. Have a few moments before I need to get ready for work I ned to go kindly stroke my paint brushes as they have been feeling rather lonely and forgotten about this week. :) 
Peace & Love
Be nice to everyone you come across...even if their all assholes. Everyone has a battle of some sort.


  1. Had to repost, sorry about that!
    Parrot flew off my shoulder... post was all scribbles (LOL)
    Anyways, I agree... these are "super cute!"
    Can not wait to see yours. :]
    Isn't it fun to play in your creative space? enjoy.
    This project really sounds interesting... been following your posts about this subject.
    I stated last time I was going to look into this, just need to find the time. (making a to do list) :]
    Happy Thursday!

  2. Hugs back and thanks for following. Still somewhat new at being consistent with this blog and it is nice to know there are readers! I will certainly keep you posted through the weekend! The link for the cards is up there in the post just very lite in color and small not sure if you saw it there. You have a great day and good luck with your to do's! Hugs back! xo