Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Great Sunday

We finally got a bit of snow today here in Michigan. The most we have got this year at one time so far. It was actually really beautiful. Sometimes it just snows, and other times it is that wet heavy snow that so gracefully sheets the trees and makes them glisten with icy flakes. I use to hate snow, driving in it, cleaning off my car at 5am for work in it, the way it looks when it gets dirty from cars and feet prints in it..but there is something so mystical and whimsical about landscapes of snow that go untouched by man. Took my camera out for just a little bit this afternoon to capture it, made some GREAT Valentines cupcakes and worked on the tag images you may or may not have seen that I posted earlier! Be sure if you haven't to scroll down to the post about LIA LANES GIVEAWAY! She is a fantastic artist and her work is adorable...I am honored to host a giveaway of her two small 2x4 pieces of Valentine Sweetness. Will keep you all posted as to when the lucky number will be drawn, sometime later this week I am sure.
I hope you all had as good of a Sunday as I have..found some time to bake, paint, write or do whatever it is you love to do on Sundays! Here are a few photos from my day! Cupcakes came out yummy! Think Don and I might be heading for a sugar coma tonight! :) Peace and Love

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