Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My new machine has been calling my name..

Hi everyone! What a week it has been. Hope you are all enjoying Valentine's Day with your sweeties. Don and I have had a very busy stressful week with both of our parents in the hospital either having surgery or recovering from surgery or in my dad's case declining health after surgery. It has been a really tough week for my dad and hence for me. He had heart surgery on Friday to get a new pace maker and defibrillator and ever since the surgery he has gotten worse in other ways. Saturday he was diagnosed with Gout and Sunday they were ready to release him and treat him outpatient and when they would take of his oxygen mask he was getting none on his own. They still do not know why.  I have been so worried about him. Thankfully Don's mother is having better luck. She is healing well and while she is very sore she returned home today. We are worried still about her but so happy that she is doing well.  Keep the good thoughts and praters coming please...can never have enough of those!
I was able on Sunday for a couple of hours to play with some creative things and boy did I need it. My soul was begging for some down time..and it was getting the point of knowing I had better feed the need. This week does not seem to be offering much of that...but tonight I pulled out my sewing box to see what material I have left. I did so many projects over the holidays and have a ton of scraps left over that I would like to somehow use.  My daughters Sam and Kori bought me a new sewing machine for graduating with my masters in May..it to date is the best gift I have ever gotten and I never thought in a million years that I would love sewing as I do. I love materials and colors and threads and it is just one more medium for creativity. I do not ever foresee myself making my own clothes, though I have to admit I look forward to one day having grand children to sew things for. I more less have used the new machine for a few different projects like reversible tote bags for the girls for Christmas, pillow sets that match their rooms, and made a few blankets for small nieces and nephews...stuffed owls which I could not get enough of for a few weeks...I just love them. So I have all of these odd sized bits of material left and I pulled it all out tonight. The excitement of seeing all the colors and patterns and buttons inspired me to turn on my lens...
Singer Brilliance Can't tell you how much I love this machine
Pins and ribbon
I love colors and patterns...various different types of material
Buttons buttons buttons!!!
So..as you see I have plenty of left overs  to play with and have found a ton of great sewing ideas on pinterest and various other sewing sites for making very cool fabric covered baskets and liners, as well as tote bags. I do believe I make take a great deal of my scraps and create a mod podgy sort of journaling bag for myself. Everything I have made so far with this machine were made as gifts and while I am a giver and love so much to make things for others I think I might make myself a nice bag for taking journal materials on the go to coffee shops and vacations. I will be sure to keep you posted and share with you what I come up with. 
The Boom Boom card project has not been abandoned. I found out that there is not just one mail deliverer but three, yes two woman and one older gentlemen deliver our mail and not sure who on what days. Our mail box is down the road a bit from our place so I never see the mail deliverer. Just need to come up with something I can commit to doing for all three of them. Always a wrench in my big plan. :)
So that is what has been going on in my life, hope all is well in yours. Going to go play with some pattern making and ideas for my bag and then spend some nice quality time with my Valentine. Hope you are able to do the same tonight! Peace & love~ <3

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