Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend stuff!

The weekend doesn't always pan out the way we hope for it to. Thought this weekend was going to be a calm relaxing one but the powers that be had a different plan in mind.. Friday I went to my car from work, and it would not start, thought it was the battery however, it was not. The starter died. So...the weekend started out the gate with car drama. It is fixed now but it took so much work just to get the car get the part off in the freezing cold, get the old part to the place for the new part and the new part on. UGH! So tonight I made a great dinner, chicken enchiladas for Don who froze his behind off working on this car all day. They came out wonderful! Check out these yummy photos!

Yum right? So simple and easy. Here is the recipe for anyone wanting to give it a go.

Two cups of boneless skinless chicken breast ( can be substituted with ground chuck or turkey burger
1 can of whole kernel corn
1 can of black beans
1 lg can of el passo enchilada sauce
2 cans of Campbell's nacho cheese soup
1 lg bag of shredded sharp cheddar cheese
 10 flour tortillas

What you do is (and you can add things or subtract things to your liking we will add rice next time we think) you preheat the oven to 350.
Mix in one bowl the enchilada sauce and nacho soup and set aside. We use a George Foreman grill for the chicken so it is done very fast and is juicy, cook and shred the chicken tenderloins.
 In a bowl mix the corn, chicken, black beans, rice if you like and fine diced green onions.
Pour enough of the sauce mixture to cover the bottom of the pans you will use, then warm the tortilla's for about a minute covered with paper towel in the microwave so their soft to roll.
Fill them with the chicken mixture, a dash of the shredded cheese and line the pan with them.
Once the pan is full cover the top of them with more sauce, shredded cheese and greens of the green onions.
Baker for 30 minutes and their done! Very simple and quick meal and their oh so good!~ If you don't like them a bit spicy or making them for little ones use the cheddar cheese soup and not the nacho one. Less spicy.

So, after dinner we sat with a glass of blackberry wine and watched The Boys Are Back. Some would suggest that I enjoy sad movies but it is not the sadness or the tear quality I look for it is movies about the human experience. I will never forget watching My Sisters Keeper with my daughter Kori and she and I honestly and literally killed an entire box of Puffs by the time that movie was over and even after the credits rolled we were still crying it touched us both so much.  I remember saying and Don reminds me every time I want to watch it again that I said "That was the best movie I will never watch again". I like these types of movies because yes, their one of my favorite genre of movies but I love movies about the human experience because you can either relate to it, know someone who could or it is an affirmation of what is good and bad in life. What we take for granted, what could happen and I find myself being so full of gratitude and sincere love and emotion when their over. One of my favorites also is the movie P.S. I Love You. Not Gerard Butler my crush husband in another life hot hunk of OMGGness, :)...ahem...the movie is so great. My oldest daughter Sam came and made me go with her to see that movie at the theater with her one night and at the time I had been mad at Don for something completely pointless and meaningless and the movie just tore me to pieces. I came home sobbing and saying "I'm sorry, I got mad at you for something so stupid and I love you and don't want you to ever die on me" LOL Point made. So the movie tonight was good and touching. And since I have just been working on a few things here and there. Piddling as I call it. Made a new banner I hope to upload here when I am done typing you all a novel. Who actually reads all of this? I do not know but my soul says write / type and so it is. :)
I am a bit bummed that my car took far more of my long awaited and anticipated weekend but its done and there is always tomorrow. Hopefully having a swap with my sister and her room mate Chris tomorrow, going to see my mom for a bit and the rest of the day will be making art! If you are not in the know, a swap is when we go through art supplies, scrap booking materials and scraps of all sorts, and we fill a shoebox with things we have extra of or things we think the other will enjoy more than ourselves and we swap it. We go through the boxes and trade if you will. Last one we did was so fun here is a photo of our scrap madness! It is so cool its like shopping with no money!! :)

Fun right?! You sister saves and gives me things he finds that are Blythe because she knows I am obsessed with Blythe dolls. She had one and gave it to me to do some photography of and play with and I eventually coned her out of it but I want so many of them. Only the old ones from the 70's though. I like the new ones but there is something about the ones that were surfacing in the 70's when they stopped making them that I just am fascinated with.  Anyone not in the know and curious here is a link to the Blythe official website and there is a ton of info on the net about Blythe dolls..
And so...excited to do a swap tomorrow and also get around to some painting myself before the new work week presents itself. I hope you all are having a great weekend thus far sorry for the novel here but the week days do not permit me to do very much with my blog so its my weekend treat and HEY...i have so much to tell you guys!!! :)
Peace & Love
girl scout cookies! 

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