Monday, February 27, 2012

Sewing tiny little things and a wedding in the works!

Good Monday morning all! Hope this finds you well..feeling slightly rough this morning slowly waking with my morning cup of fresh brew! What a busy weekend we had. The swap at my sisters went well yesterday. When I got there she had this waiting for me.
Yes, Don and I are finally picking a date, in fact we did pick a date but did not realize yesterday that the date we picked was only two weeks difference from my nieces wedding. Not good, we do not mind picking a new date simply because it is so early on still and we have not singed any contract, given a deposit on a date or anything of that nature yet so it is not a big deal to me to change the date. I did love the idea of a late May wedding...not too hot, everything in bloom..however 2 weeks apart is just way too demanding for the guests that would be attending both. So...we are looking at possibly late April or early September. Do not want to do it when it is so hot no one is happy at an outdoor gathering. This is going to be very simple, very small and very informal. I have some amazing cute ideas, many of which I can make or do myself. I am not a girl who holds on to traditions, I think outside of the box. While the values for me are probably considered traditional, I find it insane to pay 1,000.00 for a wedding gown that will be worn one time and stuck in a box to maybe or maybe not be worn by my daughters. I can assure you they like their own things and have their own taste so that would most likely never happen. I'd rather, if I had it that is, use the money a gown would cost to go on a great trip! That is more my style. It has been a long time coming for Don and I. He asked me about 3 years ago to marry him and fear of the unknown, always waiting for affordability and everything in-between has brought us to this day. He was honestly starting to convince himself that I just did not want to marry him. We both have children from previous partners and we wanted to make sure we had the blessings of all the kids and DO..that makes me very happy. Our parents...and we DO..that also makes me very happy and so it is. Can't wait forever to make things in life happen they don't fall from the sky now do they? Not unless their meant to land in your eye. So...Aside from being excited about wedding stuff, the weekend was a mess. The starter on my car went, it was cold and raining here, went through hell and high water to get the car fixed for various reasons and yesterday things were much more calm and better. The swap of art supplies that I mentioned went well. Came home with an entire box of goodies which you can see below! 

YAY right?! Love you Vickie and Chris  you guys rule!
Then we came home and I hemmed a pair of work slacks...can't begin to tell you how fast that was done and how incredibly happy I was yet AGAIN for my new sewing machine the girls got for me....after hemming my work slacks had that feeling yet again, when I pulled out some scrap material's and made my first two Blythe doll garments!! I know they’re not perfect but their the first two I have made and it is kind of difficult to make clothes for something so tiny!! Thought I was going to sew right through fingers or something lol. Here are the two dresses I made for her! I just adore my Blythe doll, and have wanted new clothes for her and now, it is ON!! I will get better and better at this as it goes and she will have one heck of a wardrobe! I hope you all had a great weekend and that you were able to spend time with the people you love, do something fun, spurge on an ice cream with your honey or CREATE a masterpiece :) I hope you all have a great week and let it go by at the speed of light! Already looking forward to next weekend! :) Peace & love~

Mine :)

Don's :)


  1. We managed to pull of a very inexpensive wedding due to the graciousness of very talented friends gifting us their services. Good luck and have fun with it!

  2. Thank you so much Cheryl! I know we can do it on a small budget and time is on my side we are looking at early September of 2013 that gives me just over a year and a lot can be done in a year! Thanks o much for your feedback! Good to know I'm not talking to myself here all the time, though honestly, knowing the fact wouldn't make me stop writing and typing! LOL peace & love~