Monday, February 20, 2012

A weekend full of sewing!

Spent a great deal of the weekend with my sewing machine. Happy with the results, though I will say again that I need some practice working with actual patterns..I do well with making my own and just being creative but some patterns are rather difficult to understand! Made up a few new swear words lol Completed two of these super cute baskets made of fabric, cotton batting and old jeans. Found the idea on pinterest and posted the link in the last blog for anyone interested in giving them a go. Their super cute and can be used in various ways for various things. I stuck some of my materials and patterns in them just for the sake of the photo and contrast but I plan on making a few of the small ones, this is an image of the large and medium ones...the small ones will be great for pencils and markers and paint brushes...

Went to my moms for dinner tonight and watched the movie Real Steel with my mom and step father. Pretty cute movie actually. It is currently 12:35am and wishing I had not slept in today. Sleep will be difficult for me tonight because of that so thank goodness I do not work until 2pm Monday afternoon.

The second photo is yet another idea I found on is a reusable shopping bag and the pattern for this is so simple made from a plastic shopping bag. Someone who doesn't have a sewing machine but knows how to hand stitch can make these cute reversible bags. I made a couple for my girls at Christmas time. if I am not mistaken, you can see them under the SEW IT link on my home page. I made this pink one you see below for my mom she liked it a lot!

Now..I've poked myself with stick pins enough for a night and I am ready to be out for the night. Hopeful that this week will be far less stressful and eventful as last week was. For those following, my dad is doing much better and so is Don's mother. Thank you God, thank you God, thank you God. <3
Until we meet again folks...peace & love

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