Sunday, February 19, 2012

Love Pinterest Ideas!!

With the help of my honey...because I was ready to chuck this thing out the window and he helped as usual with the instructions...I made this with an old pair of jeans that were torn and just hanging around...some scrap material and batting / ribbon...and I LOVE it love love it love it!! Was a little tricky doing the circle bottom when I am not a pro seamstress...only been sewing for less than a year and working on my first real pattern bag currently...this was not that difficult really once I got the hang of the circles. Here is a link to the instructions if any of you are interested in giving this a shot...I am using this one for patterns and material I am using right now. I have a big treasure like box I keep all of my material in but it gets old pulling it out and making a mess with it all to get to it as I am so limited in creating space...these little baskets can be made in all sorts of sizes and their just darling!

I have a friend who is pregnant, a couple actually and I can see these as making cute baskets to fill with baby shower gifts, Christmas or birthday baskets...anything really. This is the larger one of the three sizes, and I really want to make the smaller ones for pens and colored pencils and such...
Having a good relaxing weekend so far. To my moms for dinner tomorrow evening but looking forward to sleeping in a bit...doing some housework and working on some more projects before that.
Good night pals..sleep good...zzz


  1. Very cute and clever! :]
    I agree... this would make a delightful addition to any gift. So much sweeter than a basket.
    I can already imagine... this filled with paints, colored pencils, brushes, markers, and rolled up canvas!!! Exciting...

  2. Yes..I will be making 4-5 of them for art supplies and goodies for myself..I do like the idea of making these for gift ideas as well. The most time consuming part of it is just doing the circle bottoms their a bit of a pain but I bet after doing 3 or so it would be come clock work..I am just in love with this one and can't wait to make more...while the jeans are good to use if you have old ones, I can see these done with other material as well. As long as you have a thick batting inside the two fabrics used it will work. Thanks April..