Sunday, March 25, 2012

As promised...

Wasn't feeling well last night but reminded myself that Frida didn't feel well either for some time and still painted. I thought something simple and cute and so this is what I ended up with. Titled it Little Birdy.
Don's mom really feel in love with it and so I'm going to mail it to her she lives in Bay City and has been having some tough medical problems so this might brighten her apartment and day. Not one of my favorite works of art but cute and served a good purpose while I was not feeling well. a sort of therapy you could say...I also painted a 5x7 canvas of the Hoot you see below this post which says "Hello." on it. My sister wanted that one so bad  and I just can't part with it cause I love it too so I made her a duplicate. Funny how the second and third always come out slightly better than the first....or in some cases...not at all. Many times I have tried to duplicate a work of art of my own because someone really wants it and it just don't happen twice often so I am pleased I was able to pull that one off.
Been really enjoying a more folky type of art genre...been researching some folk art and really enjoy the childlike quality some of it has but very technically designs and almost geometric shapes folk art possesses. I have a few small canvas I want to work with today while still not feeling all that great, all I can do is sit here may as well be artfully productive correct? I hope you all have a fantastic Sunday afternoon...looks the weather is shaping up to be a nice breezy sunshine kinda day. 
Have my cup of iced tea, my paint brushes cleaned, blank canvas and the sunshine and breeze coming through an open window. Life is good...peace palz...


  1. This is beautiful. :]
    You are going to "brighten" her day!
    There is nothing more loving than an artful gift, to someone, to say " I care".

    Enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks April and so true! One big problem I have is that it is hard to submit original artwork to the publications I'd like to take a shot at getting my work published in because I give it all away as gifts. I have recently gotten better about holding on to some of it, but I enjoy giving art as gifts and people do really appreciate it more than anything store bought.