Saturday, March 24, 2012

Have not abandoned the blog!!

Feels like I have abandoned this blog but that is not the case folks. Worked all week then taught two courses back to back Friday 4 hours each and now, well I'm passing kidney stones again and not feeling so great. If you have ever had them then you know what I mean and if you have not, well pray you never do and I will pray for ya as well because their not fun. No appetite, headache, very fatigued, fever and my left side from back to front times rather horribly. :(
Just took a nice long shower, have to step out as much as I do not want to, we need milk and bread and then my plan is to come back and try to do a bit of drawing or painting. Will share whatever it is unless I take a turn for the very worst and need the hospital. Stayed tuned floks this can't last forever. I'm still here...<3

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