Saturday, March 31, 2012

Love Satuday art days!

Hello folks! Been a soothing calm kind of Saturday for us here. Got to breakout some art supplies and play a little. No real masterpiece but I have found a new love for what is known as "Nesting dolls" or " Russian dolls" or Matryoshka Dolls...Babushka Dolls..thought for some reason that they were Polish dolls and then someone told me nope their Russian dolls. Come to find out they date back to as early as I believe it said 1890 and have very similar qualities as Asian dolls for that time period...according to this very useful blog
I just know that I have seen these dolls throughout my life at various times and I believe my children even may have had some at one point sure wish I would have kept them. Yesterday at JoAnn Fabric I was browsing through fabrics for something cool to make a traveling art bag with and when I saw this material I just fell in love with it.
Adorable right? Right! So..I got it home and when I took it out of the bag I was just in love with it. I started researching these dolls and this blog I gave you the url to was the most to the point explanation for them I found. I'm just in love them for now. lol I get in these weird infatuation type moods with certain objects. There is no particular order to these moods and not real sure how to explain it but if something fancies me it will be the object of my affection for a few weeks. Hence I painted a cute little Nesting Doll tonight. Not my best work of art ever but I really love her and think she is so she is.

She is the first of what I believe will be a few that I will do like her. She was fun...simple art fun. Wanted a really relaxing day and this was something that I could just quickly and have fun with. 
I have really been itching to get out with my camera. I still have  a plan to do the 365 day project and that will be starting shortly. I am a bit fearful of failure. I started it once before and was really dedicated and them there was a sickness in the family and some other dire important events that transpired and it got lost....I do not want to do that this time around if its a bad day you will just get to see a bad picture. lol. Every day is not sunshine and rainbows....and speaking of that I've had so many thoughts lately about that. I do not believe that it is possible for me to be one of those artist or people who only makes art that says " DREAM" " BELIEVE" while I love those words and I love the positive meaning behind them, life isn't sunshine and rainbows every day. Everyone has a bad day from time to time and I can't come here and be anything other than real and who I am so if the day sucks I'm going to tell you it does. If that means I am unworthy of ever getting published in a magazine or having my blog noticed than so be it. I am true to self and a realist. I would love to have my work noticed don't get me wrong but if being real means I never will than I am okay with that. 
I hope you all have had a good weekend thus far. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow.


  1. Simply adore the painting!
    I have always had a thing for those Russia dolls.
    The colors, patterns, and one opens up to another... a small surprise awaits, love it. :]

  2. I'm in love with them now too April...their so adorable! The painting could have been better but its the first one I've done...may do one or two more of these little cuties my daughters love them so I may make them both one. :) Thanks for always stopping by here. It is nice to come and see someone actually reads my blabber and I appreciate you! Heading over to your blog to see what treasures I can find there! <3

  3. Just love the dolls!!!I was just thinking about them the other day and wondering where I could find some or how to make some! Just found your blog!!! Thanks for sharing!