Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Inspiration Matters!

Hey friends and strangers who stop by from time to time! How are you all? Hope this finds you doing well. Myself? A bit tired from the work week and several other of life's daily grinds but alive and kickin! Wanted to stop by tonight and post something since its so hard for me to post during the week usually I do not get out of work until late in the evening and if I have any desire at that point to work on art I try to consume that little bit of time before its time to go to bed, get up and do it all over again for some creating time!
I want to share with you all any of you not in the know already, about a current artist who is such a great inspiration for me...her name is Mindy Lacefield and I just simply adore her work! I have come to really appreciate this blogger site because there are so many inspirational people, creative minds, fantastic writers and artist that are so beyond the word talented to network with, share things with and it just puts me in my element. Facebook is fun and I really do love keeping in touch with friends and family and some of my art friends but there really is something to be said for being in an environment where creativity runs rapid and people are like minded...even if their medium is different. You may find that from time to time I pay homage to a particular friend or blogger / fellow artisan and it may be for various reasons. Maybe they have something I need to share with you, or I just want to tell the world check this person out which is in part the purpose for this blog and speaking of Mindy Lacefield...I believe that I found Mindy's facebook page by seeing a post she made or a post one of my artistic friends made on her page, either way the very first work of art I saw by Mindy, honest to God took my breath away. It hit a mark for me that is hard to describe in words. Mindy's work is very whisy, very childlike in nature and technique though, her technique is so rare and unique. I've had the pleasure of seeing one maybe two videos of Mindy doing a painting and I honestly can't tell you how many times I've watched the same one over and over and over again because it was that good!!
As an artist myself, I have a deep seeded love and respect for people who find their very own nitch in the world of art. That THING that means, when someone sees your work, they know instantly it is your work or someone trying to do your technique or is inspired by you. One of the reasons I have a great deal of respect for several of my current favorite artists...including Mindy, is that they are not selfish with their styles, they teach it to others and encourage others through their workshops and videos and blogs, to create from that same place and to find their own. I'm still getting there myself.
Over the past weekend I had to give it a go. I had to try to step outside of my own artistic comfort zone and believe me it is a very tight, ocd kinda comfort zone and give it a go. Inspired by some of Mindy's works, here are a few pieces that I created.

Now, as you can see I clearly missed the mark lol I really love the first one here which was actually the second attempt, the middle is my favorite one of the three and the bunny, well let's just say I am sort of embarrassed to even post it but will for the sake of the point I want to get to. 
Mindy's work reminds me as an artist, that there is always a need to reach perfection in all of us but that it isn't necessary to create something pleasing to the eye and soul. She reminded me of that 7 year old that I believe all artists alike behold, and even some of those who have never tried their hand at anything artistic, who loved a new box of crayons! She reminds me that it is okay to use my imagination and to color outside of the lines, which was something I needed so badly. While none of these works even compare to the coolness of Mindy's work, she was kind enough to make me feel good about them...that speaks in volumes about her as an individual and about her as an artist. I have to say, this was the most FUN I had after I finally let go and in some places even closed my eyes while applying paint to force myself to not try to be so accurate and color inside the lines and not worry about lines being jumpy or edgy...once I got there I had so much fun with this and that 7 year old within me came to the surface to play. I feel this style of art is very self rewarding and therapeutic.
Mindy could have very well have said what the heck is this girl doing? She is biting my thunder trying to steal my vibe. Which I'd just like to point out I'd never do, but instead, she with grace encouraged me and even extended a kind hand to say hey that's cute and i like it! ( OK so she used the word "love" troll face gloating lmao) It was nice to hear that from the person who inspired me and someone who's work I'd cover my own walls with gladly! :) Thank you Mindy for that! Thanks for sharing your beautiful creative mind with us all and for opening the doors to your creative process to allow others to seek out the child within and have fun with paint! 
Anyone interested in Mindy's blog or her work can find her here on blogger at:
Please check it out! She runs workshops and classes and I'm willing to bet loves the feedback!
And the week comes to an end, a great deal of things in the works, going to be out of town for the holiday weekend so I may or may not get around to posting, I will return. I hope you all have a wonderful Easter, however it is you celebrate and HEY...don't eat too many jellybeans! :)
Pe@ce & Love


  1. oh my goodness....!! i so love them all. wow, the girls and the bunny. so sweet! the colors are amazing. i'm so drawn to the neon color palette and you totally embraced it. way to go out on a limb and play. so wonderful! bravo.

  2. Oh my... these are fantastic!
    So playful with color, love it.
    I think you have found your "nitch" alright... wow!
    Love the journey you are on. ((hugs))