Tuesday, March 13, 2012


It is so funny, I take so much time and effort to create a great playlist here that I do not even know if one single soul has ever listened to. I do it for me...it is completely selfish because I love music so much and love having a great playlist. New bands I find...old bands I will always love...one hit wonders or artist who only have one song I enjoy...in the morning I log in not to see if I have comments although those are always nice to find :) But to listen to my playlist as I get ready for work or read mail...read news..check facebook...I love my mixed tape lol Hope someone out there...at some point in time actually checks out the music on my blog and listens to it...sometimes....it speaks for me. Good night folks.


  1. Funny you mention it. I was reading your post 'I Have a Family' and there was a Smiths song (or was it Morrisey? Like there's a difference ;) ) and Ithought 'What a perfect song for this post'. Not sure if your playlist plays randomly or if you have certain songs for certain posts but I was impressed.

  2. It could have been The Smiths or Morrissey really I love both. I do not have a playlist per post that would be a lot of work and I'm not even sure if that is possible though I would not doubt it is. I do however change the playlist every few weeks...I long on in the mornings to check things out and I typically let my music list play through while I am checking mail and such so I enjoy it but it gets old after about a week...thanks for noticing! :)