Monday, June 11, 2012

Bits of the day!

We all have different vision when taking a photo...sometimes it's so quick and on the spot that you don't have time to really take notice of all the details and work with the composition of the photograph, or different settings on your camera if you have that ability with your shooting device. 
Here is some food for thought!
When you are afforded time to take a photo, be it of a person, a flower, a vintage car or anything else really, think about the composition of the image. If you look at this collage, you will find that each row of images horizontally,  is the same subject or object. Two of these rows are the same identical photograph, just cropped and transitioned differently and two rows are several images of the same subject / object. 
If you look at row two..which is all one photo, the third image I find fascinating due to the cool lines or veins in the greens...they go in various directions, they are various hues of green, lime, white..Just like in drawing courses, you are taught to pay very close attention to details...creases in the skin, shadow on a wall or on a persons neck...shapes... or how the light hits a bowl of fruit or a photography whether you are a professional or just an enthusiast, it is no different.
 Don't always feel like you have to get the entire flower in the composition of a will see in row one, there are only sections of the images of that beautiful flower, in one of them the bee is in focus and in another the bee is very blurry..that was intentional. Because of where I wanted your eye to go and my desired outcome of the photo. You will see image four in row four I shot the entire flower..which is not always my favorite because to me it is typical but I did that with this particular one because that photo was flawless...or shall I say...that flower was flawless. No editing whatsoever. 
What I am saying is to pay close attention to details, think of what your desired outcome is and also think of what the possibilities could be if you play a bit. Move around the object you are shooting, get different vantage points, different perspectives, shoot from above, the side, underneath, don't be scared to get the knees of your jeans dirty...if you have a camera that offers various settings use them even if you do not know what they do or will achieve, the best way to learn is to play with them! and never think that once you take an image and share it that the image is toast and shouldn't be used again. As my editing skills improve, as my vision and imagination develops as I go, I revisit photos I have taken in the past and find that there are so many more things I can do with them!! 
Beyond that offering of how I roll with the camera..needless to say I adore flowers and their favorite thing to shoot as I have mentioned here so many times...
I took the day off today because I was not feeling well. I have been wondering WHEN..for the love of all that is pure in this life...would my lilies finally open...and my all of their glory, they blessed me with their debut today and I have to share because I simply adore them and couldn't be happier their finally here.
Say hello to my doorstep friends!
After not feeling well for close to two days now it was such a nice suprise to open the door to these beauties!
And so now I sit with my evening cup of coffee..the quiet and I think I may pull out some drawing at 8am tomorrow and just need to utilize the rest of the relaxation time I have.
Before I go I would like to thank Jeannine Peregrine over at Four Rooms here on blogger..what a kind soul she equippd me with some great resources and know how for these collages images I used today! Jeannine thank you a million..if you do not know who she is or have not checked out her blog here is the link to it!
Do yourself a favor and go check her out she is a wonderful writer, blogger, mixed media artist and photographer and I just adore her and her blog!
Have a great week everybody and peace until we meet again!

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  1. What a lovely post and photos!
    Thank you for sharing and the link to Jeannine's blog, what a treat. :]
    Glad to hear you are feeling better, take care. ((hugs))